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Welcome to our Call of Duty Cold War Light Machine Gun Leveling section - more specifically, the RPD page.
On this page you can find our promoted RPD leveling service. Feel free to browse through the options above and make sure that you select all the options you deem right for you. If you would ever like to arrange a package deal with any other weapon from any other weapon class, please contact us on Discord at “BlazingBoost Call of Duty#9660” and we will make sure to provide you with the best deal possible.


The slider above indicates the amount of levels you’d like to purchase, and it is automatically reflected in the price. If you’d like your service to be completed quicker than usual, then consider the Express option, as it reduces the ETA by 30%.



We are very glad to say that the risk for account sharing services in Call of Duty is virtually non-existent. In short, there can always be a certain degree of risk for sharing your account, but we go out of our way to minimize this possibility as much as possible. The concept is simple: do not account share too much, do not attract attention, do not cheat. 


Regardless of the level of risk, we still employ protection methods, meaning we will always do our absolute maximum to ensure the safety of your accounts, but please note that Account Sharing can be inherently punishable by the game company if they decide to focus on it. For this reason, when possible, we always suggest Selfplay & Coaching when available. Account Sharing services exist to skip boring grinds but if you want to choose a 100% safe version of your service, you can always play with pros, have fun, save time, and become a great player. The secret to improving is playing with better players who will guide you step by step. This is our mission at Blazingboost. 

In any case, on Call of Duty, so far they have been very lenient towards any types of boosting services and we are yet to face a single ban or suspension.
If we are aware of any concise risk, you will always be informed before and after the purchase.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


We have been active since 2012. We are all gamers and we absolutely understand the importance of offering a premium-grade service for an approachable price. Everyone from our team is actively playing the games we support. We want you to learn how to become a better player, save time, and skip all the grinding so you can get straight into the best part of the game.

We are aware of the increasing speed at which the online markets are developing, and we know that our customers expect:

- a truthful and precise time of completion for their order

- a good price with high quality

- easy to use chat support for any doubts or questions, available 24/7/365

You will never find yourself being left in the dark after spending your money on something that you’ve been looking forward to, and there will never be a feeling of uncertainty regarding the execution of your service. Our Discord support is ALWAYS available (meaning 24/7/365) so you can reach out literally any time, regardless of your timezone, and our support team will always be able to provide you with all of the necessary updates and information, as well as answer any single question you might have along the way.


We believe that you, as the customer, are always right. Your consumer rights are safe and respected through our Terms and Conditions. We want to deliver a stellar experience, not just a completed service. Our Trustpilot can serve as evidence of our proficiency, and it can be helpful for you to shop with a peace of mind.


We are in constant battle with this phenomena as we consider them to ruin everything the game stands for. Every single player we work with has been thoroughly tested before joining our team, ensuring us that he is legit and professional.
We test our players every few weeks to ensure the quality stays up to par.
If we notice anything looks strange, we will immediately block that contact, freeze and call back previous payments. This is an extremely big focus for us hence why we consider our anti cheating and quality check department to be very strong and precise. This system essentially filters out all the rotten apples, and we’re very proud of it.


No. You will have priority on your account above all else. If you want to play, you always can. In general, our company suggests and focuses on Selfplay and Coaching services, where your account is not shared. For this reason, you will simply book a time to play with our coach in a Discord group conference.

If you choose an Account Sharing service, on the other hand, you can always let us know what your schedule is and we will make sure to find the most appropriate booster for your service based on it. We generally advise to keep the service as linear as possible in terms of logins, but if you ever feel the need to play or if you have a scheduled play session with your friends, you will NEVER be forced or conditioned to miss them.


In case the RPD is your gun of choice, having it fully leveled up will provide you with a significant advantage over your opponents. Leveling up a weapon can sometimes be a tedious task, and that is why we’ve got you completely covered. Unlock all the possible attachments for your RPD and try out the various meta builds (our boosters could even leave you a few once they are done) that you couldn’t otherwise.