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Welcome to our Modern Warfare Coaching section.
Here you can find all of our promoted MW Coaching services. If you were looking to tangibly improve and become a better player in all aspects of the game that you need improvement, you couldn’t have come to a better place. Above you can find our catalogue of Coaching services, which include:

- Personal Teacher (a one-on-one education focused service which includes having your clips/gameplay or any other material analysed by your Personal Teacher, who will provide all the necessary tips and corrections that will help you improve your playing)

- MW Coaching (an education focused service which has the primary goal of making you improve)

All of these services are Selfplay of course, which means that no Account Sharing is necessary. Our boosters and coaches will be playing alongside you for the entire duration of the service.



We have been active since 2012. We are gamers and understand the importance of offering a reliable service at high quality and a convenient price . All of our team is actively playing the games we support. We want you to learn how to become a better player, save time, enjoy the real fun activities of the games you love and skip boring grinds. You will never find yourself being left in the dark after spending your money on something that you’ve been looking forward to, and there will never be a feeling of uncertainty regarding the execution of your service. Our Discord support is available 24/7/365 so you can reach out literally any time, regardless of where you’re situated, and our support team will provide you with all of the necessary updates and information, as well as answer any single question you might have along the way.


We are aware of the rampant speed at which the online market develops and we know that our customers expect:

- a truthful and precise time of completion for their order

- a good price with high quality

- easy to use chat support for any doubts or questions, available 24/7/365


We believe you, as the customer, are always right. Your consumer rights are safe and respected through our Terms and Conditions. We want to deliver a good experience and not only a service. Our Trustpilot can show you how we work, so that you can shop with a peace of mind.


As already mentioned in the intro, Selfplay services carry absolutely no risk whatsoever, since you will not be sharing your account with anyone. You will be playing for the amount of hours that you purchase, following your own tempo and scheduling. We thoroughly filter each and every booster before beginning their association with us to make absolutely sure that they do not enforce any sort of illicit behaviour. This will be touched on in the next question.


We are in constant battle with this phenomena as we consider them to ruin everything the game stands for. Every single player we work with has been thoroughly tested before joining our team, ensuring us that he is legit and professional.
We test our players every few weeks to ensure the quality stays up to par.
If we notice anything looks strange, we will immediately block that contact, freeze and call back previous payments. This is an extremely big focus for us hence why we consider our anti cheating and quality check department to be very strong and precise. This system essentially filters out all the rotten apples, and we’re very proud of it.


No, you absolutely do not. Since you are purchasing a Selfplay service, you will not be providing your account credentials to us as that is only necessary for Piloted services. The best thing to do in terms of Selfplay services in this regard would be to have a planned out schedule (not necessary but it is helpful) in order to concisely organize everything alongside your coach or booster(s) and so you don’t miss out on anything important due to a spontaneous session.


In case you are aware and feel like you are lacking in certain aspects of the game, and would like to improve, there is no better way than to learn from someone in a practical setting. Either you play with your coach for a predetermined amount of hours, or you have a Personal Teacher go through your clips/streams/live gameplay and provide you real-time tips and material, both of these options provide you with all the necessary tools to isolate and improve on the aspects that you think need improvement.

Another reason to consider Modern Warfare Coaching is in case you want to ensure you play with very reliable and most importantly good teammate(s). If you are missing a player for a tourney, or would just like to stomp plebs in pubs, then Renting a Player or Team would be the best possible way to go.