Protection & transparency
Protection &


We guarantee to be transparent with you, as your safety is a priority for Blazingboost. First of all, we encourage and promote 100% safe services such as Selfplays and Coachings.

If you choose an account sharing service, we ensure to use all the necessary protection methods if we are aware of any risk. We will be proactive and inform you beforehand.


Every player that works with us is checked thoroughly. Our players must:

  • Sign a contract and verify their real life identity

  • Show us high quality work completed in the past in this market

  • Pass a series of entry tests

  • Achieve good results during our continuous tests every few weeks.

Every test is masked as a real order with a real customer. We pay the player if everything goes well.

With this system, we do our best to work with the most elite players available in the market!

Constant focus on prices
Constant focus
on prices


Our main focus is achieving the right balance to make the service affordable but professional and fast.

  • We constantly monitor the market's prices and ensure to have the lowest possible price, whilst still maintaining quality.

  • If a service becomes easier, we will drop the price but ensure that the quality is still high.

  • We do NOT rely on hacks / cheats in order to offer lower prices. That is not the way we do business.

Your safety and satisfaction comes first. We want you to come back so that we can always offer you the best possible service.

5 Score
5.0 Score
Trustpilot 5.0 / 5.0 Trustpilot 5/5 28,668 reviews


We are gamers and online consumers too, so we want to deliver services of high quality, at high speed, with good communication.

  • Our mission is to help busy gamers or players who want to have fun, learn from the best, and improve.

  • If you are not satisfied, we will always respect your consumer rights and offer refunds or compensations according to the case.

  • Our Terms of Service and service descriptions are as clear as possible, so that you can always shop with a peace of mind.

  • Realistic prices and delivery times - no lies! If you encounter a problem, we will take responsibility and do our best to turn you into a happy customer.

  • BlazingBoost was founded in 2012. We have experience in this field.

We are extremely proud to have helped thousands of busy gamers who wanted to stay competitive, or players who wanted to achieve higher gaming goals. You can skip boring grinds or you can play with the best and improve. Anything is available!

Speed & Quality Guaranteed
Speed & Quality
Speed & quality guaranteed

Speed & quality guaranteed

Our internal quality check team works hard.

  • Every service has a realistic estimated time of completion and price.

  • We constantly monitor the speed at which orders are completed on average.

  • Our players are background checked and must constantly pass internal tests, showing us that they are able to communicate properly and play at a very high level, at high speed.

  • Our tests are disguised as real orders bought by our internal testing team, that we pay normally to our players. We invest a lot in this quality department.

If your service is fast and without hiccups, you will be happy; we are 100% aware that we must focus a lot on speed and quality to be successful in this business!

24/7/365 customer support
24/7/365 customer
24/7/365 customer support

24/7/365 customer support

In order to offer a great service, customer support is also a key factor. We sell a positive and enjoyable experience, not only a gaming service itself! Our supporters are gamers who play and know the game they support.

We are available at every point the day, throughout all the year, on:

  • The website's Livechat, where you can ask general questions about your service for pre-purchase support.

  • Discord support accounts to help you after your purchase or for any question

  • Email at [email protected]

It is always possible to reach out to a manager if required. Our chain of support ensures that every operator does his part in its department. If your request is specific and needs further analysis from the management, we intervene QUICKLY. No weeks of waiting. The online market moves fast and consumers want fast and direct answers, right to the point. We know that and we have built a structure that meets these needs.

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More Info

Welcome to our Call of Duty Vanguard section!
The game was released in November 2021 and is a World War 2 themed shooter.
On this page you can find our promoted services and read through our policies, such as Protection, Transparency, Speed and Quality guarantees, and more. At the top of the page you can browse through our main categories to quickly navigate to what we are selling in CoD Vanguard.


What are you selling in CoD Vanguard?

In terms of our CoD Vanguard boosts, we have the following selection:

  • Weapon Unlocks (any weapon that requires an unlock can be found here)


  • Weapon Leveling (leveling up any of your desired weapons in Vanguard, from and to your preferred levels)


  • Weapon Leveling Bundles (if you’d like to get the best possible deal on bulk weapon leveling, this is the first place you should be checking out)


  • Multiplayer Camos (all Mastery camos available - from Gold to Atomic. Significant discounts if you’ve got the weapon(s) max level)


  • Zombie Camos (all Mastery camos available as well - from Golden Viper to Dark Aether. Significant discounts if you’ve got the weapon(s) max level)


  • Operator Unlocks (if any Operator caught your eye and you just can’t be bothered to do the challenge necessary for him, then you can browse through and pick which one you’d like us to have unlocked for you)


  • Operator Leveling (if you’re yearning for those Mastery operator skins, we’ve also got you covered. Select any Operator that you’d want leveled and we will have it done within 24 hours - or faster if you opt in for Express)


  • Leveling (if you’d finally like to unlock that PPSh or Volk (and anything in between), then you can feel free to purchase account leveling so those pesky levels stop keeping you away from your favorite weapons)

Service Request (if for whatever reason you cannot find exactly what you are looking for in our catalogue, please feel free to submit a Service Request and our SR management will make sure to provide you with the best possible deal on your request)

Why should I choose BlazingBoost for my CoD Vanguard services?

Our operation has been operational since 2012. We are all gamers that are very well aware of the importance of providing a safe, reliable and high quality service at a realistic and approachable price. Every single member of our team is actively playing the games we support. You can rest assured that you will be in very proficient hands from start to finish, and most importantly, you will be a part of a very kind and healthy boosting community. Our Discord support is available 24/7/365 so there is absolutely no time when someone can't get to you, regardless of your time-zone. Our support team will provide you with all of the necessary updates and information regarding your service, as well as answer any single inquiry that might pop into your head. We want to be vigilant with your time, while you learn how to become better at the game and actually enjoy the fun part of the game you like so much.


We are aware of the absurd speed at which the online markets develop and we know that our customers expect:

- a reliable, precise and honest time of execution of the service

- premium quality at an affordable price

- dedicated support system which is available 24/7/365 to cover any questions you might have, regardless of when you might have them


We strongly believe you, as the customer, are always right. Your consumer rights are safe and respected through our Terms and Conditions. We want to deliver a good experience and not only a service. Our Trustpilot can show you how we work, so that you can shop with a peace of mind.

What is your position on cheating, hacking, and bots?

We are doing our absolute best to fight against the any possible form of cheating. Every single player assoicated with us has been thoroughly trialed and tested before being handed any live service, in order for us to make sure that he is doing everything properly and on the level that we require.

Our players are also tested every few weeks to ensure the quality stays high.
If we ever catch any one of our associates using any sort of hardware or software that alters the game in an illicit manner, we will immediately block that contact, freeze and call back all previous payments made towards him. This is an extremely big focus for us hence why we consider our anti cheating and quality check department to be one of our strongest assets.

Do I lose access to my Account?

You will never lose access to your account. Regardless of the time, service or situation, you will always have absolute priority on your account. If you want to play, you will always be able to. In general, our company suggests and focuses on Selfplay and Coaching services, where there is no account sharing involved.

If you do opt in for an Account Sharing service though, you can always let us know when you plan to play and when your account is free for us to login and your booster will organize his schedule based on that. We generally advise to keep the service as simple as possible in terms of logins, but if you ever feel the need to play or if you have a scheduled play session with your friends, you will NEVER be forced or conditioned to miss out.

Are your CoD Vanguard boosts safe?

We are ecstatic to claim that the risk for account sharing services in Call of Duty is inconsiderably low. In short, there is always a risk for sharing your account, but we go as far out of our way as possible to minimize the possibility of any consequences for accoutn sharing. The concept is simple: do not account share too much, do not attract attention, and most importantly - do not cheat. 


Our protection methods are also of considerable assistance - we will always do our everything that is in our power to ensure the safety of your accounts, but please note that Account Sharing is inherently punishable by the game company if they every get wind or set their focus on it. For this reason, we always suggest Selfplay & Coaching when available. Account Sharing services exist to skip all the boring grinds but if you want to choose a 100% safe version of your service, you can always choose to play with our pros while having fun and saving time, all at once. You will be exponentially learning and improving as player as well, picking up on all the details and nuances used by your boosters. The secret to quickly becoming better is playing with better players in a practical setting. They will always guide you step by step. This is our main mission at Blazingboost. 

In any case, on Call of Duty, so far they have been very lenient towards any types of boosting services and we are yet to see a single ban or suspension. However, this does not dilute the importance of always keeping the risk involved in mind. If we are aware of any concise risk that might be involved with your service, you will always be informed prior to making your purchase, as well as after making your purchase in case you insist on it.

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

How do Call of Duty: Vanguard Boosts work exactly?

Boosting has improved a lot in the last decade making the process as smooth and safe as possible, and the trend, for some time now, has been to help you complete content without having to share your account (i.e. with 'Selfplay' or 'Coaching' services).

Account sharing is still available as an alternative especially for specific services, such as Powerleveling.

It is important to keep in mind that boosting services do NOT correspond to cheating, hacking, or botting activities. There is a very firm distinction, explained well in our article on our official blog.

When will my order start?

In general, every order has got an ETA, which stands for Estimated Time of Arrival or Completion.

ETAs are estimations based on the average time needed to complete a specific order. In many cases an order will be completed a lot faster than the mentioned ETA, especially if you buy at peak time when more players are online and ready to jump on your service immediately.

If a service hasn't been completed after double the ETA has passed, you are immediately eligible for a refund or a compensation according to what has not been completed yet. We are on your side

How do I buy on your website?

To buy a Vanguard boost at Blazingboost, please navigate through the categories at the top of the page. You will find our products located in categories and subcategories, which are basically groups / sub groups of services.

Once you click on a service, you will see the specific product page, in which you can:
- use your Blazing Points (if you have any)
- select any extra options
- proceed to the cart

For some services, before proceeding to the product pages, you will see a horizontal bar inside a category, where you can move the slider to customize your order!

This especially happens on our Coaching, Play with Pros and Weapon Leveling pages.