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One of the coolest additions in Season of the Haunted is the new Duality dungeon, which has players entering Calus’ mind to try and uncover his secrets. Broken up across three major encounters and one small puzzle, this dungeon can be pretty tricky to figure out. Like any new dungeon, Duality is a source of many unique legendary weapons. This time we also have one unique exotic weapon.

This dungeon is available on legendary and master difficulty on all platforms: PC, XBOX, PS4/5. You can buy every available service with a Sherpa (self-play) or account sharing option (recovery).



-  Legendary weapons that you get from each dungeon’s encounter;

-  Deep explorer armor set - you will get armor pieces by completing encounters (If you complete Duality on the master difficulty you will get Artifice Armor pieces with an extra mod socket for Artifacts mods);

-  Various triumphs - for doing Solo Flawless Duality, collecting all collectibles inside the dungeon, completing the dungeon on Master difficulty, etc;

HEARTSHADOW, EXOTIC SWORD - that drops from Calus’ Greatest Shame (Third and final encounter). This is an excellent new weapon that drops randomly (low drop rate), you can try to get it one time per guardian, per week.