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What is Infamy Rank Boost?

Infamy Ranks are ranks related to the Gambit Playlists: Infamy Rank is increased by obtaining Gambit Points, that players earn by simply playing Gambit matches. Gambit is a PvP/PvE game mode where players need to race to deposit motes to spawn a prime evil (boss). Players do not lose points when losing a match, but they will lose their win-streak which will end up getting fewer points for the next match.

What are the benefits of having Infamy Rank Boost in Destiny 2?

  • Getting access to some exclusive Gambit Ritual/Pinnacle weapon’s

    • 21% Delirium (Light Machine Gun)

    • Breakneck (Autorifle)

    • Hush (Bow)

    • Python (Shotgun)

    • Exit Strategy (SMG)

    • Malfeasance (Exotic Hand Cannon) quest

  • A unique title called Dredgen earned by completing specific Triumphs.

How to increase Infamy Ranks in Destiny 2?

  • Players will increase their Infamy Rank just by playing Gambit and Gambit Prime.

  • Win-streaks will grant more points on each won game.

  • Gambit bounties will also grant Infamy points.

Which are requirements in order to be able to get Infamy Rank Boost in Destiny 2?

  • Destiny 2 New Light.

Why is it difficult to increase Infamy Ranks in Destiny 2?

  • Players will need to spend several hours in the Gambit Playlist in order to obtain the desired Infamy Points.

  • Gambit could be a very annoying activity since matches are pretty long and could not be fun.

How long would it take to get it by yourself if you are:

  • New Player: new players will spend several hours since they will not be able to get the maximum win streak bonus.

  • Average player: average players will also spend several hours because they will lose their win streak bonus pretty often.

  • Expert: expert players will get the maximum win streak bonus and reach maximum Infamy Rank as soon as they can.

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