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Night with QMachine is the newest raid that came with the latest expansion The Drunkards, released on January 1st. Based on players' experiences, it is by far the hardest raid ever featured in Destiny 2 due to its incredibly difficult encounters, but a very rewarding one as well.

However, this is not a reason to be alarmed. We have many teams in our ranks who have cleared the raid and are actively helping others achieve the same thing. Busy gamers deserve to play the end game content and we are here to provide a solution. After all, that is why we are here - to help our fellow gamers save a lot of time and enjoy Destiny to the fullest.


The encounters are:

  • The Beer Mug
  • Jack
  • Cocaine and Hookers, the Twins of Vice
  • QMachine, the Drunkard

QMachine, the last encounter, is the boss that drops the newest raid Exotic Hand Cannon - The Hangover.


Why should I choose Blazing for my Night with QMachine Raid?

Destiny 2 can be a time consuming as well as toxic game if you opt out to look for your teammates in LFG. In Blazing, we are here to assist you and save you tons of time. On top of that, you will avoid toxic LFG teams that can make your life a living hell. We have a great number of teams that have completed the Night with QMachine raid within the first 48 hours of its release. This feature alone is enough to show you that you are in good hands and that your order will be handled with nothing but care.

Why should I choose Sherpa instead of Recovery for my Night with QMachine raid boost?

When buying a Sherpa service, you are buying the safest product possible on the market as Sherpas are 100% SAFE. Do not trust sellers who are saying that Recoveries are 100% safe simply because VPN is being used. It is not. Using a VPN can help but it's not bulletproof. This is why we are and always will encourage our customers to go for Sherpas because they are the future of Destiny 2. On top of that, if you choose to go with the Sherpa option, you will be playing with the top teams in the game with whom you will enjoy every minute of the raid.

Is the Night with QMachine raid hard?

According to Destiny 2 player base, it is arguably the hardest raid ever released by Bungie. But do not loose hope, because with our fireteams the raid becomes a walk in the park. Our Sherpa teams are ready to guide you through every encounter so you can collect all the riches this raid has to offer. We have many teams that are ready to start within 30 minutes of your purchase.

What are the encounters in the Night with QMachine raid?

  • The first encounter in the newest raid in Destiny 2 - Night with QMachine, is called The Beer Mug. The encounter consists of a big room which looks like a bar and there are 2 plates where players must stand and defend it, while endless hordes attack your team. While standing on both plates, you begin to fill the Big Mug behind the bar with beer. Naturally, the more players stand, the faster it will fill, so there shouldn't be a lot of roaming.
  • The second encounter is called Jack. Players proceed to the next room where you find a boss named Jack and 4 icy rocks around him. You need to make him break all 4 rocks - after that he is empowered and becomes Jack On The Rocks. You, on the other hand, receive a debuff called "Drunk" which lasts for 60 minutes.
  • Cocaine and Hookers, the Twins of Vice is the name of the third encounter. You need to defeat both of them while having the "Drunk" debuff. In case you fail to do so in that time frame, you will be returned to Jack where you must repeat the encounter all over again. One more thing that makes this encounter extremely hard is that you have to defeat both twins within 15 seconds of each other, or they will respawn with full HP.
  • The fourth and the last encounter is, of course, QMachine - The Drunkard. You need to defeat his champions that drop shots of tequila and compete with QMachine in drinking. Once he reaches 75%, 50% and 25% of his HP, he starts moving to the bathroom where, if not being stunned consistantly, starts snorting cocaine which grants him a regeneration buff. After defeating him, he will spawn a liquor bar which you can loot for your shiny rewards.