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The Master Root of Nightmares Raid Boost is now available!

Experience the ultimate Destiny 2 gameplay with our Master Root of Nightmares Raid Boost, featuring new adept loot and the chance to acquire the best gear in the game. Save tons of time and maximize your enjoyment of the game by taking advantage of our boosters through either our Sherpa or recovery service. Whether you choose to let our team complete the raid for you or tag along with our pro players to learn all the mechanics and improve your skills as a PvE player, our Sherpa and Coaching services are 100% safe and the future of the boosting industry. Don't miss out on this opportunity to become a true Guardian!

Adept Weapons in Master mode

The newest 6 weapons from the raid now in their adept versions better than ever, by choosing to get a Weekly Challenge done you'll be getting one of the 6 weapons from the Master Root of Nightmares raid guaranteed! With this guarantee, completing the Weekly Challenge is an even more enticing option for those seeking to expand their arsenal and dominate their enemies on the battlefield. So why wait? Claim your reward today and unleash the full potential of these incredible weapons!