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Season of the Plunder weekly challenges are specific activities that you need to complete each week.

These challenges are unique Triumphs that can be inspected from your Seasonal tab. Seasons have dozens of challenges to complete, each granting at least a large amount of XP.

That means that by completing each challenge you will go through Season pass much faster and increase your artifact level too.

Seasonal Challenges are also a great source of Bright Dust. Try out our Seasonal Weekly Challenges Boost today!



Why should I buy a Seasonal Weekly Challenges Boost in Destiny 2?

Mainly to save time, since some of these challenges can be time-consuming. You might be thinking: "If only I could just have those Challenges completed while I'm asleep". Well, the good news is - yes, you can, with our Seasonal Weekly Challenges Boost. In addition, perhaps a couple of them can be quite challenging as well or can require that you have someone to play with. In terms of rewards, you will get a huge boost in XP and a decent amount of Bright Dust by doing these challenges. 

Why should I buy Seasonal Weekly Challenges Boost from BlazingBoost?

At Blazingboost, you have professional gamers sharing their vast experience in the past 10 years in this market. Since BlazingBoost as a company has been in the boosting business for a very long time, over a decade, we have learned how to cater to our customer's needs and find the exact services that suit them best.

We know that we aren’t perfect and there’s always room for improvement - that’s why we always welcome feedback from our customers since it helps us grow and become better. We are always trying to expand our current support team and our roster of available booster teams, since satisfying your need as a client is our primary concern. We offer

  • 24/7 support (LiveChat and Discord)
  • Trusted, tested, and reliable boosters
  • Customer legal rights guaranteed
  • Bot & cheat-free services, 100% done by hand

Our deals will allow you to save both time and money. We’re aware that repeating any activity becomes dull after some time, even if it was interesting at first, that’s why this Seasonal Weekly Challenges Boost can alleviate the grind and also help you not fall behind or miss out on the daily rewards.

Who is going to boost me?

We will provide some of the best players for this activity. They will know everything that's needed to complete each challenge fast and efficiently.

We have players available on every platform: PC, XBOX, PS4/PS5.

What happens after purchasing? How will I contact you?

After you have purchased the Seasonal Weekly Challenges Boost, you will need to join our Discord server: “”. By joining you can message our Destiny 2 Discord support: "BlazingBoost Destiny2#2444”. You can also send a friend request to that same discord if you have trouble finding us.


In case you have bought this service with an account-sharing option (Recovery), we will start searching for available teams and inform you when we find someone. We will always tell you when someone will be using your account, that way you WILL NOT lose access to your account completely; you can play whenever our player is not using your account (this can be coordinated easily with our Discord Support).


In case you ordered with the Sherpa (self-play) option, we will find you a team and create a chat on discord with them. This way you can organize your playing schedule with them, and play when the most convenient for you.

Is this service safe?

It is quite understandable that safety is one of your primary concerns. Based on our experience, Sherpa (self-play) services are 100 % safe. We will find a player or a team to play with you and help you to complete some challenges. If you have the time for it, it is always recommended.


If you decide to go for the account sharing (Recovery) option, we can guarantee some things:

  • - no cheats or bots will be used on your account
  • - nothing will be used (in terms of game materials) or deleted from your account, without your permission
  • - you will always know when someone is using your account


It is worth mentioning that account sharing can present a small ban risk, under Bungie’s new Terms of Service. Our players will use VPN with your country to lower that risk as much as possible

Which are the requirements in order to be able to get Seasonal Weekly Challenges Boost in Destiny 2?

You need to own The Witch Queen expansion and the Season of Plunder season pass.