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Hoshti's Playground of Doom is one of the hardest newly introduced activities in Destiny 2. It was introduced in Season of the Blazing, serving as the new and long awaited 12 man raid activity in Destiny 2. With the introduction of this new raid, Bungie had also introduced a ton of amazing gear, that are downright gamebraking! In the new Hoshti's Playground of Doom raid, you can get your hands on the newest heavy exotic orbital cannon called avada kedavara. It also intorduced a lot of amazing legendary weapons into the mix, that have a ton of unique perk combinations and synergies with all 5 subclasses.

Here's the full list of the new weapons:

  • weapon 1
  • weapon 2
  • weapon 3
  • weapon 4
  • weapon 5
  • weapon 6

In this raid, you can also get the long forgotten armor ornaments. In order to obtain said ornaments you need to prove yourself and skill by beating the raid at mythic difficulty!


How many difficulty modes does Hoshti's Playground of Doom have?

The new raid, Hoshti's Playground of Doom, has a total of 3 difficulties. It follows the usual formula of Destiny 2 raids, as in having both Normal and Master difficulty modes. However, Bungie decided to spice things up, and added a brand new difficulty mode called, Mythic.

What is the Mythic difficulty present in Hoshti's Playground of Doom?

Mythic difficulty is a never before seen raid difficulty in-game. It puts every single one of your fireteam members 30 power level below the enemies. Additionally, it also introduces ultimate champions into the encounters. Ultimate champions are a completely new breed of enemies, exclusively present within the raid. In order to defeat them, you need to quickly affect them with all 3 anti champion effects, otherwise, they might wipe your entire squad! Bungie also decided to finally add extra mechanics to a raid difficulty, completely changing up the meta approaches that were used for Normal and Master mode raids.

What do I get for completing Hoshti's Playground of Doom on Mythic difficulty?

Doing the raid on mythic difficulty, grants you the pinnacle rewards in Destiny 2. Bungie introduced a unique armor focusing system just for Hoshti's Playground of Doom, where you can equip a +10 mod for any stat completely free of charge. That means you don't waste a mod slot, nor do you waste any armor energy. This in turn allows the armor pieces to have over 100 total stat points, allowing you to get an easy triple 100 armor build. 

Beside armor Bungie had also introduced the Weapond of Light and Darkness, which stand one rank above Adept weapons. Instead of masterworks, these weapons can be equipped with a 3rd perk, allowing you to push said weapons to their limits. Making any other casual content an absolute breeze to go through.