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Wrath of the Machine is a raid originally released in Destiny 1, as part of the Rise of Iron Expansion. It has come back in Destiny 2 with the Season of the Gerry, hence why it is indeed named a 'reprised' raid (it's being brought back by Bungie as "new content"). Wrath of the Machine is one of the most appreciated Raids in Destiny's history. 

The encounters are:

  • Foundry 113
  • Splicer's Den
  • Apex
  • Perfection Complex

Perfection Complex is the last and 4th encounter, where you will face Aksis.

With a new activity introduced in the game, Blazing is here to assist you through it, allowing you to save tons of time and avoid toxic LFG teams that will make you waste tons of time. Raids take time and can be annoying to complete.

On average, many of our pro players confirm that our customers are actually pretty well geared and talented, but they lack the right fireteam to breeze through content as they often deserve. This is especially noticed during our Sherpa and Coaching services.
That's why we are very proud of our mission: make you save a lot of time and enjoy Destiny to the fullest. Busy gamers deserve to play through high end raids and we're here to provide a solution. We recommend Sherpa services to learn from our pros. 

Below is a list of some FAQs that you may find useful! 


Can I ask for a custom quote for my Wrath of the Machine raid boost?

Absolutely! Contact us on Discord at BlazingBoost Destiny 2#2528, or on our website's Livechat. If you want us to setup a specific order for you, we're always ready to make that happen with our custom options. 

Is the Wrath of the Machine a hard raid in Destiny?

After the "Hard" release of Crota's End Raid, where many players struggled a lot on their Day-1 experience, Bungie toned down a little bit the experience, without making this Raid easy: we can genuinely say that is one of the most well done Raids releases from Bungie. For this reason, team cohesion, communication and execution are key to both success and survival in the Wrath of the Machine Raid.

What happens after purchasing?

In general, we have to get in touch on Discord! We are always online at BlazingBoost Destiny 2#2528.

Once we get in touch, we'll explain you the basics and we'll start looking for a pro who can complete your order. Then, according to your completion method, the order will start.

  1. If you buy a Sherpa product, which we recommend for 100% safety, you will be in touch with our pro in a Discord group conference to coordinate the service completion.
  2. If you purchase a Recovery service, we will create a Discord channel in our server, where you can just exchange the login code (SMS or any other token required for our pro to login) with our pro directly. 

Who will complete my Wrath of the Machine Raid boost?

We work with seasoned teams and pro players who are in this industry for years. The vast majority of our pros have achieved Day 1 Raid emblems in the past, clear content very quickly, or are PvP gods. 

As you can see on our Trustpilot, we are obssessed with customers' satisfaction and services' quality. This is only achievable by carefully picking the right players who have the right mindset and take this business seriously.

All of our pros are contracted with us, regularly checked, and understand the importance of keeping every customer happy when shopping online.