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how it works

  • Download
    Safe Carry
  • Keep it open until Boost is complete
  • Keep
    your Title

When you log in, Blizzard tracks various details unique to the computer you are logging from (IP, Mac address, and more).

Our program is able to hide it all, making it look like your booster is truly logging from your own computer. Your account will not even lock for suspicious activity - the best possible protection to avoid disqualifications. Only at BlazingBoost!

  • login / register
  • fill the infos
  • select payment method

Am I saving money with this package?

Yes you are, as purchasing two services at once, with this special offer, allows you to pay less. 

What is SafeCarry?

SafeCarry is a famous program developed some time ago from a professional coder. However the program had only been addressed for boosters' accounts, up to now. The new version of the program allows a customer client to be installed on your computer so that your IP will be completely copied.

Do I have to install something?

Yes you do. We will pass you a download link for a very small client to be started on your PC and to be set up before we start your boost.

Is this program safe?

Yes it is. If your AntiVirus warns you of its potential danger, please do not worry. We have been around for years and the last idea we would have is to send malware to our loyal customers.

What happens right after purchasing?

We will add you on Skype and start finding a booster for you order. At the same time, we will pass you a download link for the SafeCarry customer client.

I have installed my customer client version of Safecarry. What now?

You will have to enter your Customer License key which is included in the first link we will pass you over Skype

Do I have to do anything else?

You only need to keep the program opened for your account not to be locked. We will sort out the rest with the booster and keep you informed.

What's the difference between a rating service and a title service?

The difference consists in us having the responsibility of playing up your character to a higher and safer rating when purchasing Rank 1/Gladiator. Purchasing 2700, for example, gives you a big chance at the Rank 1 rewards, but we don’t guarantee it, which is why we also sell the different Rank 1 TITLE service. Keep in mind we have no idea how much rating you would earn on our very last game - we can end up on 2701 or 2720, too. If you want, you will be able to purchase a rating upgrade.

Will I have direct contact with the booster?

Yes. Our website has the "Chat with your booster" feature, which you can access by checking your service status and clicking on "Chat". A specific panel will pop up where you will be able to talk to your booster. Remember the booster will only be able to reply through set-up messages - this chat was in fact created ONLY for account-unlocking purposes and communication regarding the booster's playing sessions ASSUMING the Skype Support hasn't already helped you with it!

What else can I do with the chat?

Through the chat, you can report your booster to BlazingBoost through a simple form in order for us to accordingly handle the situation and find a solution to the problems he might have caused you. On the other hand, you can gift him 5€ which he will receive in addition to his normal payment if you have liked his exceptional performance!

Will my booster always reply?

We aren't very sure, which is why we ask you to report him in case of complete lack of communication. Please remember that the Chat with Booster is a LAST RESORT mean of communication because the Skype Support is there to help you with most of your needs. On the other hand, boosters get an e-mail in case they get a message from the customer they are boosting whilst being offline from their booster account on BlazingBoost, so they might get back to you soon enough.

Can I use the chat for anything then?

You can use it to ask your booster about his next playing session, or to unlock your account quickly without using our support team on Skype. However keep in mind that boosters are only meant to play your account, and support is Our job on Skype. Please do not confuse the two.

Can I log on my account after purchasing?

Yes, you can. We will let you know when we are logging in and playing; keep in mind that our playing sessions don’t last a whole day, hence why you will be able to play for most of the day.

Can I play myself?

This service is strictly done through account-sharing in order for us to complete services without any delay thanks to our experience in the field. If you wish to play with our Pros, we allow self-play Coaching services only with the best players in Arenas and RBGs.

I have you on Skype and set up the SafeCarry customer client. What now?

After getting in touch with you and setting up your client, we will start working on completing your service within the deadline. You will still be able to play unless we tell you not to.

Can I choose the boosting time?

Yes, when you are filling the information before getting on the Payment process, you can include any specific requirements on the “NOTES” section.

My service is on the way and I have to log, can I?

Before doing that, please contact us on Skype or LiveChat if available. In case we aren’t replying right away, we usually suggest our customers to create a Trial WoW Account and a character on the same realm and faction of the toon we are boosting. Add yourself on Friends List and that way you will be able to see if we are online. If you REALLY have to log and we are online, remember you will certainly delay your service. Please make sure to log in while they are out of the arena, at least.

How do I create a trial account?

   1: Visit Battle.net (EU: https://eu.battle.net/account/creation/tos.html) (US:   https://us.battle.net/account/creation/tos.html)

   2: Make a FREE (automatically Trial-status) Account that you can use to check if your order is in process.

How can I check the status of my service?

You have multiple ways:

   - See the panel below the top bar (You have to be logged on BlazingBoost)

   - Check the recent games played on http://www.arenamate.net/recent_player_activity.html, the best website to see which player is queueing and every possible information about who is doing arena right now.

   - Create a Trial account

   - Contact us on Skype

I just got disconnected for the first time. Is it you guys?

The easiest way to know is asking us on Skype.

When I log, I keep getting disconnected...what’s going on?

Once you have purchased a boost from us, chances are that any DC you might experience is due to our booster repeatedly logging on your account. If you don’t have to do anything particular, please let us complete your service.

What does “Duration” mean?

Our duration defines our ideal deadline. If we say 1-3 days for example, your service could be completed within few hours of your purchase or 3 days, which is the extra fall back we rarely experienced.

Will I be able to watch a private stream?

We do offer streaming of your services, although some limitations apply; first of all Twitch has removed passwords hence why all streams are public, thus making your service watchable from anyone, possibly hurting your privacy. According to the booster’s connection and your request we will work out a deal.

How can I have a discount?

Please check our Referral section in the “FAQ” page or click on FREE BOOST to discover our unique offers.

Do you allow refunds?

Yes, we certainly guarantee you a refund in case we can’t complete the service for a fault of ours. Please check out our “WHY US” page in order to see that we are a registered company and that we have the legal responsibility of Your money.

Who is going to boost me?

We work only with the best players in the world. As you can see from our home-page video and the Why Us page, we are in contact with every single top player and streamer in the game.

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