we developed a program to give
the best possible protection to our customers

how it works

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    Safe Carry
  • Keep it open until Boost is complete
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    your Title

When you log in, Blizzard tracks various details unique to the computer you are logging from (IP, Mac address, and more).

Our program is able to hide it all, making it look like your booster is truly logging from your own computer. Your account will not even lock for suspicious activity - the best possible protection to avoid disqualifications. Only at BlazingBoost!

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Safety

We use a VPN, Got boosters located worldwide.
  • Download
    Safe Carry
  • Keep it open until Boost is complete
  • Keep
    your Title

What are Blazing points?

it’s game currency. There are two types of blazing points on the website.

BlazingPoint = 1 €. Blazing Points are the coins of the website. They are used to decrease the cost of the services. You can use them to decrease the value of a service till 0 and having the service for free supposing you have the right amount.


When you are buying on the gold marketplace, the money you will save will turn into Gold blazing points which you will be able to use again to purchase anything else on the website!

Only earn by golds

How to obtain Blazing points?

two ways to make Blazing Points
  • 1
    5% of what you buy turns in Blazing Points

    After completing a payment, you will gain 5% of what you spent as Blazing Points.
    Es: you spend 100€ = you gain 5 Blazing Points = 5€

  • 2
    Refer a customer

    After his payment, 6% of what he paid will turn into blazing points. And you will gain 5% of the total. By doing that, he will earn +1% points. A max of 20 blazing points can be earned by you from referring a single service. The referral code can be used once the customer is registering or purchasing a service. If he will be using it once he is registering, every time he will purchase from us, you will receive the 5% of what he pays.


How to obtain free boost
Free Boost

How it works

5 simple steps to buy from blazingboost
How it works

After purchasing

we will add your Skype as soon as we see the order.

Right under the header there will be a bar with the colours green, yellow, red and blue, you will be able to see the progress of your carry. You can stay logged until we are not setting the service as right about to start. However we will be with you on Skype & deal together when will be the best time to proceed with the order according to your needs. We don't want to enable you from playing and want to keep ourself as transparent as possible in order to let you enjoy your game as you are used to.

  • Green

    In progress
  • Red

    Not assigned yet
  • Yellow

    Right about to start
  • Blue

    Service complete
You could leave a feedback


One of the most important polices.

Our players will never answer to any of your friend's messages. This will guarantee you to get your boost done without any worry about being revealed. However you can add any note once you purchase and ask us for any kind of special request that would make you comfortable using our services.

For example:

- Answer to my italian real life friend if he writes to me "sto facendo arene, ci sentiamo dopo :)" Which means "See you later, i'm doing arenas :)".

- You can request us to don't use a specific player or group of boosters you may know. According to that we guarantee you a 100% protection.

Our main concern is to keep your identity as hidden as possible. We are very flexible regarding this matter as we understand it's the main concern for most of our customers.

Customer safetty