M+15 Selfplay Timed: EU 8.99€ and US 16€ | Jailer Curve Kill: 11€ EU and 34€ | Many TCG Spectral Tigers in stock! As a general policy for the health of the game, BlazingBoost does not advertise in-game. Please beware of scams and impersonators.


Sell your account

If you wish to sell your whole account or single character on a reliable and professional platform, we are the right place for you. We will need you to kindly fill the form below so that we know what you want to sell. We will get in touch with you and we will discuss the sale, deciding together if it's best to sell the full account as a whole or a specific character.

In general, if your account has a lot of good characters, it is suggested to firstly sell the most relevant ones; subsequently, the rest of the account could be sold.

Note that all achievements / titles / mounts / transmog etc. remain on your account even after selling your characters!

Therefore, the account itself is not losing its value while you're selling the most valuable characters.

In any case, you can also sell only the characters and keep the account, or the full account at once. We're very flexible and we'll find the best solution for you.

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Affirmations(We work only with original owners, unless you bought the account/character from us.)

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A driving license, passport, or identification card will be needed to pay you in case we sell your account or character.

It is important you fill out the whole form. If you fail to do so in its entirety, we may be unable to process your request.