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Frequently asked questions

How it works

5 simple steps to buy from blazingboost
  • Register
    (you can also do it later!)
  • Choose a service
    Choose a service
  • Pay
  • Fill the infos
    Fill the infos
  • Service Start
    The service starts

After purchasing

We will get in touch on Discord! It’s easy.
24/7 Support
  • We get in touch on Discord
  • Conversation with your booster so you can schedule a time
  • Service completed!
24/7 Support
  • We get in contact
  • We discuss your service and organize the session
  • Our player connects
  • Service completed
24/7 Support
  • We get in touch
  • Complete the delivery
  • Lifetime Protection +
    Lifetime Support

What are blazing points?

It's our website currency! 1 point = 1 Euro
  • When purchasing a a service on our website, you gain an automatic discount for your next service.
  • 3%
    3% of what you spend becomes credit. You are free to use the points or not on your next service. Stack them up if you want!
blazing points

Is Blazingboost safe?

Two main reasons to choose us
  • 1
    Honesty and Professionalism

    We are in the industry for almost 10 years. We inform you if we are aware of any risks and we are always on your side.

  • 2
    Background checks and constant testing

    Every player we work with is tested and monitored. If they underperform the customer always comes first and you will be compensated.

Our Support chain

How do we work?
24/7 Support
  • Universal Livechat
    pre-purchase support
  • Discord Departments
    for each game
  • Contact with
    our operators
    Enjoy your service! Seniors managers available to solve any issue.

Customer privacy

One of the most important polices.

Customer privacy is easily what we value the most during the completion of your service. The key points of this concept are:

  1. We will never talk with anyone in game unless given permission
  2. If you ask, we can reply to anyone you want in a specific way. If your friends aren`t English speakers, you can tell us a sentence that our booster has to reply with in your own language. We`re here for you!
  3. We will never mention boosting in the in-game chats as we know this could be dangerous.
Customer privacy