Frequently asked questions

How it works

5 simple steps to buy from blazingboost
  • Register
  • Choose a service
    Choose a service
  • Fill the infos
    Fill the infos
  • Pay
  • Service Start
    Service Start

After purchasing

We will add your skype as soon as we see the order.
24/7 Support
  • We add you on skype
  • Conversation with your booster
  • Service completed!
24/7 Support
  • We get in contact
  • We give you your Safecarry license
  • Booster connects
  • Service Complete
24/7 Support
  • We add you on skype
  • Give you the account / character
  • Account delivered +
    LIFETIME guarantee

What are blazing points?

It’s game currency. there are two types of blazing points on the website.
  • When purchasing a a service on our website, you gain an automatic discount for your next service.
  • 3%
    3% of what you spend becomes credit. You are free to use the points or not on your next service. Stack them up if you want !
blazing points

How to obtain blazing points?

Two ways to make blazing points
  • 1
    3% of what you buy is turned in Blazing Points.

    This this a discount for the future. Paying 100 gives you a 5 discount on your next service.

  • 2
    Refer a friend with your Referral Code.

    When a friend buys with your code , 3% of what he spends is turned into Blazing Points on HIS account AND on YOURS.

Free boost

How to obtain free boost
When you purchase the 3% of what you pay turns into blazing points
Free boost
After registration you will get your referral code
Blazing points
Use Blazing Points to buy a service with a discount or reach enough to buy it for free!
Refer a customer You give the code to your customer / friend and he uses it
Your friends use your code when this happens you and him will earn points from the purchase. 3% of what he pays will turn to Blazing Points.

Live Calendar

Book a Raid run through a Live Calendar!
24/7 Support
  • Select your
  • Book your spot
    among the available runs
  • Contact with your
    boosters or Safecarry
    license if piloted
    Enjoy your loot!

Customer privacy

One of the most important polices.

Customer privacy is easily what we value the most during the completion of your service. The key points of this concept are:

  1. We will never talk with anyone in game unless given permission
  2. If you ask, we can reply to anyone you want in a specific way. If your friends aren`t English speakers, you can tell us a sentence that our booster has to reply with in your own language. We`re here for you!
  3. We will never mention boosting in the in-game chats as we know this could be dangerous.
Customer privacy