we developed a program to give
the best possible protection to our customers

how it works

  • Download
    Safe Carry
  • Keep it open until Boost is complete
  • Keep
    your Title

When you log in, Blizzard tracks various details unique to the computer you are logging from (IP, Mac address, and more).

Our program is able to hide it all, making it look like your booster is truly logging from your own computer. Your account will not even lock for suspicious activity - the best possible protection to avoid disqualifications. Only at BlazingBoost!

  • Good Suramaritan

    We will complete story-lines required for Good Suramaritan achievement on character you choose!

    8 Hours - 3 Days (Flexible)

  • Brawler's Guild

    We will obtain you glorious Brawler's guild rewards such as Class Hall champion, pets and a mount!

    12 Hours - 2 Days

  • Balance of Power

    We will unlock new special skins for your artifact which are gated behind a long quest line chain!

    7 - 14 Days (Flexible)

  • Ratstallion

    We will get for you the Ratstallion mount - one and only Rat mount in the game!

    1-6 Days

  • Emissary Boxes World Quests (Any)

    We will get you boxes so that you can earn gear (810-850 ilvl), rep, or a potential LEGENDARY item.

    4 Hours - 12 Hours

  • 3rd Relic Slot

    We will unlock for you your 3rd relic slot, which will greatly empower your Artifact.

    7 Days

  • Honored -> Honored 8000 Nightfallen Reputation

    We will boost you to Honored 8000 Nightfallen reputation from Honored (any) (Acc sharing).

    1-6 days

  • Nemesis Quest

    We will get 500 kills of the enemy race you pick! (Insert it in the note)

    1-14 days