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What are the customization options for the Eden Raid Boosts?

There are many customization options that can be added to a raid boost, for example: priority on Relics, Weapons, Armor, Mounts or Guarantee for particular items from the raid. Which of the extra options are available will depend on the raid teams and how much time has passed since the release of the raid. Usually the first few weeks the groups will gear themselves up and after that they'll start offering extra options for their runs. As soon as they become available we'll add them and you'll be able to pick them!

Why should I buy an Eden Raid Boost in Final Fantasy XIV?

The Eden Raid is the latest chapter of the Final Fantasy XIV story which started from A Realm Reborn. And you'll want to get familiar with it before we move into the final chapter of the story. Besides lore, some of the best gear in the game comes from Eden. The gear itself can help make the leveling process in Endwalker much smoother for you, not to mention that many of the gear sets look great and can be used for Glamour. There are also 3 unique mounts that drop from the end bosses of each tier of the raid: Skyslipper, Ramuh and Eden. We strongly recommend that you check this raid out while it's current content, it's one of the best designed raids in Final Fantasy XIV and you don't want to miss out on it.

What is the difference between Pilot and Selfplay Eden Raid Boosts?

The booster teams can decide to offer Pilot or Selfplay services for Eden Raid Boosts.
If you opt in for a piloted boost, one of our professional boosters will log on your account and pilot the character through the entire raid.
In case you choose the selfplay option, you'll be the one playing on your character; we will create a group conference with our team and from there you can directly schedule and organize invites, tactics and everything else related to the raid run. You are free to pick one or the other, and the price will change accordingly. As always if available we strongly recommend choosing selfplay services for maximum safety.