ETA: 24-48 Hours
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Service Description:

Net wins boost is a great way to improve and fix your MMR, prevent your decay, or win your promotional games. Use the bar on the previous page to select the number of net wins you want us to complete, your current rank must be selected in the extra options. For example: If you purchase 5 net wins - the booster will have to do 5 wins and 0 losses, In case the booster losses a game, he will be playing until the result is 6-1 or 7-2, etc. (until the total amount of wins - the total amount of losses is equal to the number of games you purchased.). This is piloted service which means that it will be done with account sharing. After the purchase in Post-purchase information, you will be able to leave information about: the order of your summoner spells, names of special champs (if it is selected), and/or to request playing in offline mode.



- This service will be done with account sharing.
- To keep your account safe, you should avoid logging into it while the booster is online. If you must do it, please notify our Discord support first.
- Playing any Solo/Duo/Flex Queue while you have a service for it in process should be avoided. Losing any LP this way will be reduced from the boost itself.