ETA: 24-36 Hours
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Service Description:

Placement Matches are the first 10 ranked games of the season. How high you are going to be placed depends on your elo from the previous season and amount of games that will be won through the Placement Matches. This is a piloted service, our booster will log in on your account and play instead of you in order to secure the best possible placement. Use the bar to select the number of games you want us to complete. Rank from the previous season must be selected with checkboxes below the bar. In case you haven't played for a season or two and you are not 100% sure what option to select please contact us on discord. The win rate that we guarantee is 70% and it is accordingly applicable to the number of games you purchase. For all 10 games, we guarantee 7/3. In case that booster does less than 7/3 (example: 6/4, or 5/5) for every "extra" loss you will be compensated with 2 net wins. That means that in the case where there are 4 losses, you will be compensated with 2 net wins and in the case where there are 5 losses, you will be compensated with 4 net wins.



- This service will be done with account sharing.
- To keep your account safe, you should avoid logging into it while the booster is online. If you must do it, please notify our Discord support first.
- Playing any Solo/Duo/Flex Queue while you have a service for it in process should be avoided. Losing any LP this way will be reduced from the boost itself.