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DuoQ Boost

Combination of LoL Boosting and Coaching.










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ETA: 1-3 days based on the number of Matches Selected.
  • bronze
    Basic1 Game
    • Duo Queue Boosting
    • Voice Communication In- Games
    • Games Analysis
    • Professional In-Game Coaching
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    Extended1 Game
    • Duo Queue Boosting
    • Voice Communication In- Games
    • Games Analysis
    • Professional In-Game Coaching
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    Premium1 Game
    • Duo Queue Boosting
    • Voice Communication In- Games
    • Games Analysis
    • Professional In-Game Coaching

What is LoL Duo Que Boost?

This service is the combination of two services BlazingBoost offers: Boosting and Coaching. The Duo Que service is a boosting/coaching service where you play your account alongside a pro player who coaches you to become better at League of Legends while boosting you up the ranks. You play alongside a pro player with the objective of winning as many games as you want and gaining rank. This can be a great learning experience for you: you will be able to play alongside a pro-player, observe their technique, assist them, and, if you add these options to your order, you will also be able to talk to them, have them analyze your technique and give you live coaching advice in game.

Why should you buy Duo Que Boost?

BlazingBoost’s pro players:When you choose BlazingBoost you are choosing the best. We have a team of professional players from all around the world. These highly experienced players allow us to guarantee at least 70% success to our customers, and that is really the minimum guaranteed. On average our pro players win 9 out of 10 games.

Play with a pro player:BlazingBoost’s Duo Queue services allow you to play alongside these pro players. Not only does this really increase your chance of victory, but you will also learn a lot about the game just by seeing our pro players in action.

Boosting:The Duo Que Boost is a boosting service. The objective for our pro player is to make your team wins. You will win a lot of LP and climb ranks fast. You can buy up to 15 games.

Coaching:We offer 3 levels of coaching to make this the best possible coaching boost. You can select Basic, Extended or Premium options. Each option is described below in the “extra options” section.

How does the Duo Que Boost work?

Requirements: You need to be able to play ranked games for this service. So, you need to have done your Placement Matches for this season. If you haven’t done your Placement Matches yet, check out our service dedicated to that part of the game.

Customize your service: Tell us your League and Division; select the number of games you want to play, and choose between Basic, Extended and Premium service.

Play with a professional booster: We will put you in contact with our professional boosters and they will carry your team to victory and coach you.

What are the options?

What are the extra options?

  • I would like to be coached by a pro-player, is that possible?

    Yes, but not on this service. The Duo Queue Rank Boost service is aimed at getting a higher rank not coaching, the coaching service can be found on the Duo Queue service page.

  • What happens if we lose a game?

    If you have payed to reach a certain Tier or Division you will keep playing until you reach your objective. If you have bought a certain number of wins for every game lost you will win an extra game.

  • Does BlazingBoost’s Duo Queue Rank Boost violate League of Legends Code of Conduct?

    Since you are playing your own account this service does not violate League of legend’s Code of Conduct.

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