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This Option is only available for Summoners who receive 13+LP per win before 80 LP. Summoners who receive less LP per win have to use the pay per win option

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What is LoL Solo Que Elo Boost?

Elo Boosting is when you win a lot of matches in a row against tough opponents to get a higher MMR and a higher Rank. Solo Que Elo Boosting is when you let a professional booster play your account for you so your Elo gets boosted extremely fast.

Why should you buy a Solo Que Boost?

Very long waiting period for match making: Since the MatchMaking system tries to find players with roughly the same MMR as yours, sometimes there aren’t any readily available and you must wait. The higher your rank the longer you must wait. Off peak hour, players below Diamond rank need to wait less than 5 minutes on average, while Master players need to wait 20 minutes. Our teams can blaze through fast paced games in low rank, and at higher ranks waiting for a match is not as big a problem to us.

Being matches against premades: If you are a solo player, being the spare wheel with a 4-player premade can be a miserable experience. However bad that may feel, being in a team of 5 solo players against a full premade can be even worse. Our pro-players are good enough to pull off an easy victory even against the worst kind of odds.

Difficulty gaining rank:If you are a solo player it can be more difficult gaining rank on Dynamic Queue, depending who is on your team and what you are up against. Our teams have the experience needed to counterbalance this disadvantage.

How does the Solo Que Boost work?

Requirements: You need to be able to play Ranked Games to use our Solo Que Boost. So, you need to have completed your Placement Matches beforehand. We have a service to play your placement matches for you on another page.

Pay for Wins or Divisions: You get to choose the objective you set for the Boosters. You can either buy a specific number of Wins, or set a League and Division as your objective. The boosters will play your account until they have Won as many games as you asked for, or until they have reached the Division you want.

Professional boosters: For Solo Que services our professional boosters will play your account for you. If you want get boosted while playing your own account, check our duo que services.

Please do not login during the boost:Please do not attempt to login to your account while we are boosting it as it will disrupt the process and potentially alert the game to the fact that you are not the one playing.

What are the options?

What are the extra options?

  • What is Dynamic Queue?

    Dynamic Queue is a system put in place by Riot in 2016. It is a way to allow groups of more than two players to play together. Some players love the new system, but players who play mostly solo feel it puts them at a disadvantage against premades.

  • What is MMR?

    The MatchMaking Rating is what decides who your teammates and opponents are when your play League of Legends.

  • What is SCRIM?

    SCRIM means "Practice game". When you play a game that does not affect your rank to test new champions, runes, or try out strategies, it is called Scrimming.

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