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Why Should I get Lost Ark Leveling Bundles from Blazingboost?

With more than 10 years of experience under our belt, we were able to create a strong boosting ecosystem with professional teams. This helps us uphold and maintain high quality of service. Our boosters are long-lasting veterans with thousands of completed orders. Our recruitment team is working around the clock to ensure we only work with the very best, lastly all of our boosters are tested multiple times. The proof of our quality work can be found on our Trustpilot page, which you are welcome to check out. We have over 22 000 positive reviews and maintain a 5 Star score.

Why Should I Buy Lost Ark Leveling Bundles?

Our Lost Ark Leveling Bundles are special deals that are created with a single purpose, which is to provide you with a catch-up service that will help you dive right into the end game and skip the tedious leveling grind. Depending on the bundle that you choose, you'll be able to jump right into Tier 2 content. However, if you want something more specific, or you want to further customize your service, our discord support is available for any questions and doubts 24/7/365.

What is ETA?

Estimated time of delivery is based on detailed research and previous experiences with the game, for delicate services such as this one we prefer to give flexible ETAs, it usually means that to a certain extent the service completion depends on factors outside of our control (RNG with item honing for example). Please note that every order that we receive is usually started within a few hours, our boosters are carefully selected among thousands of people, and you can always expect high quality and near prefect delivery time. However, if the given time frame is not respected we will always compensate you accordingly to the case, keep in mind that Blazingboost is always on your side and your consumer rights are always safe & respected here.