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What are New World Faction Reputation services?

New World has three factions that are all competing for control over Aeternum. By joining a faction you become an initiate of their rank and to unlock various rewards rare, epic, and legendary items you have to progress through several ranks. In order to do so, you are required to gather a significant amount of Reputation and you have to additionally complete the required questline. 

Our services provide Faction Reputation leveling up to Alchemist / Commander / Adjudicator

Current Reputation requirements: 

Adept / Soldier / Initiate                             level 8-10
Scrivener / Gladiator / Templar:                level 15 to 24 (req)    3,000 Reputation
Chronicler / Ravager / Excubitor :            level 25 to 39 (req)    11,000 Reputation
Cabalist / Destroyer / Lumen                     level 40 to 54 (req)     26,000 Reputation
Alchemist / Commander / Adjudicator     level 55 to 60 (req)     49,000 Reputation

Along with reputation, a large number of Faction Tokens are also required, we have created a selection of services for that as well. After unlocking over 140 items with Alchemist / Commander / Adjudicator rank, more expensive faction gear will become available for purchase followed by the large sums of Tokens required. 

Why should I buy New World Faction Reputation boost?

  • Players will unlock over 140 Rare and Epic Items within their faction
  • Players will be able to obtain a certain amount of gold and XP (during the farming process)
  • Players will be able to obtain a certain amount of Territory Standing progress
  • Players will keep all the loot that has dropped during the service completion

What do I need to buy a New World Faction Reputation boost service?

We use discord as our means of communicating with you, as it is one of the most effective communication platforms, besides that, absolutely nothing else. After you buy our New World Faction Reputation boost service, you will get into contact with us over discord, at which point we will process your order and start looking for a booster. We will keep you updated along the way (when the booster is found, when the booster wants to login, and so on...), Once the session is over, we will chat about it on Discord and ask you for feedback on how you felt during the service. Your comments will help us grow and become a better company.