ETA: 1-7 days (depending on selection)
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Service Description

We will get the required amount of reputation/ranks according to your bar selection and any extra options above. The booster will complete multiple PVP missions and other related content that is tied to faction reputation/rank progress.


The completion of the service might include (but not necessarily) completion of a certain number of side quests that might be related to the service progression, and if they are required for the service our booster shall complete them.
All valuable items that might be found will be kept in the inventory or in the storage sheds.




- Faction Membership
- Up to level 60 depending on desired faction rank:

  • Level 25 - Scrivener
  • Level 40 - Chronicler
  • Level 50 - Cabalist
  • Level 60 - Alchemist

Who are the Syndicate?

The Syndicate is a faction in the New World who are forever in search of higher knowledge. They are a secretive organization in pursuit of ushering the world in a new age of enlightenment. By buying a Syndicate Reputation Farm service you will make your first step towards becoming a great Alchemist. Alchemist is a coveted title given only to faction members at the top of the ranks.

What can I purchase from the faction quartermaster?

The faction quartermaster offers a plethora of items to choose from, most noteworthy of which you can purchase weapons and armor that are ideal for the purpose of leveling yourself up. Aside from armor and weapons, you can also acquire potions and runes. All of the items are suited for a certain level profile and will scale depending on your rank in the faction.

How does a Piloted service work?

Once in contact with our support, we will immediately start searching for a booster suitable for your order. Moving forward we will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding the service as well as forward any to the booster. We will give you updates directly from the booster and constantly inform you about the state of your service.