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What is a Tradeskill leveling boost?

As you might have experienced, leveling up your Tradeskills is quite a time-consuming task, whether you’re chasing those iron veins that just keep slipping away to other players looking to do the same, it can be frustrating at times. If you’ve felt that way before a Tradeskill leveling boost might be just what you need. It will save you the trouble and time of having to sit and mine rocks or chop trees for hours on end. Our boosters will complete it for you, allowing you to focus more on the content you’d like to play without having to worry about falling behind.

What are Tradeskills?

Tradeskills is the profession system of New World, like the ones you’ve seen elsewhere, however with a twist on it. Tradeskills are separated into three main categories: Gathering, Refining, and Crafting. The gathering is the most basic of Tradeskills and features things like Mining and Harvesting, this is by far the most time-consuming one as it takes quite a while to do as it’s meant to be done throughout your entire journey. Next, there’s Refining featuring things like Smelting and Weaving. It uses the base materials you’ve gathered and turn them into ingots or cloths to be used in the last phase of tradeskills. Crafting is the final form of Tradeskills which allows you to turn the things you’ve gathered and refined into tools and equipment you can use in your gameplay, whether it’s a new sword or a piece of clothing it’s a great way to improve your stats if only for a moment.

What is the advantage of purchasing a Piloted service?

By purchasing a Piloted service you free up more time to do more of the things you love to do. Piloted services can be done at any time you are not playing the game, it gives you the ability to progress through content even when you aren’t available to play the game. Whether tied up at work, spending time with friends, even sleeping you will gain progress, making it the ultimate time-saver.

How does a Piloted service work?

Once in contact with our support, we will immediately start searching for a booster suitable for your order. Moving forward we will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding the service as well as forward any to the booster. We will give you updates directly from the booster and constantly inform you about the state of your service.