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What is a Harvesting Skill Level boost?

Professions play a huge role in New World. Harvesting allows you to collect some of the best ingredients, helpful herbs, and highest quality of silk for Aeternum. The ingredients gathered can be used in the Cooking Crafting Skill in order to create the most beneficial dishes in the game to provide you additional stats to help you survive better and empower your character. The silk collected can be refined through Weaving and used to create some of the best Light Armor in the game. Gathered herbs can be used in crafting helpful and powerful potions that restore mana, health, and even increase your characters power for a short duration. It can take hours and days of boring grinding to reach up to level 200 skill. We're here to save you time and do the hard work for you and your character. Our booster will farm, collect, and gather all harvesting ingredients and plants they can find to increase your skill to your desired level by hand. After purchasing our Harvesting skill boost, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy other things while we do all the grinding for you. Whether you're eating, working, or asleep, your character will be progressing with us and keeping up with the game.

What is the advantage of purchasing a Piloted service?

By purchasing a Piloted service you free up more time to do more of the things you love to do. Piloted services can be done at any time you are not playing the game, it gives you the ability to progress through content even when you aren’t available to play the game. Whether tied up at work, spending time with friends, even sleeping you will gain progress, making it the ultimate time-saver.

How does a Piloted service work?

Once in contact with our support, we will immediately start searching for a booster suitable for your order. Moving forward we will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding the service as well as forward any to your booster. We will be keeping you constantly updated with the progress of your service and let you know right away once your order has been completed.