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Save your time by letting us help you level up your weapons. Our boosters will use the very best strategies to level up the weapon of your choice in shortest time possible. New World has a lot of weapons available and we charge the same price for any of them. 

Available New World Weapons:

One-Handed Weapons
Two-Handed Weapons
Great Axes
War Hammers
Ranged Weapons
Magical Weapons
Fire Staffs
Life Staffs
Ice Gauntlets
Void Gauntlets


- New World Account
- Level 60


What is Weapon Mastery?

Weapon mastery is a term used for levels on a specific weapon in New World. They span from 1-20 and are the most essential part of the game as this helps define your “class”. Of course, New World is a classless system, however raising your weapon's mastery allows you to upgrade and gain new abilities, essentially shaping your build into what you would like it to look like. After buying a weapon mastery leveling boost, we will raise the mastery of your weapon to the desired level taking into account the progress you’ve already made on it.

How do you gain Weapon Mastery?

Gaining weapon mastery is a common task within the game, killing any mob will grant you progression towards weapon mastery. Completing corruption successfully will progress weapon mastery slightly. You will passively gain this of course throughout the game as most if not all quests require you to slay monsters in one way or another. However, our boosters will attempt to expedite the process by actively seeking out monsters that are known to give plenty of progression towards said mastery.

How many weapons can I increase my mastery on?

Weapon mastery is tied directly to which weapons you’ve chosen to have equipped. You can only level up to two weapons at a time as that is how many you can have equipped, however in theory all of your weapons are able to reach the highest mastery. Having weapons with a high mastery that you can switch to should there be a need for them will most definitely make you a highly sought-after member of any expedition group.