ETA: 1 - 3 days depending on a the level selection
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Service Description

The completion of the service might include (but not necessarily) completion of a certain number of side quests that might be related to the service progression, and if they are required for the service our booster shall complete them.
All valuable items that might be found will be kept in the inventory or in the storage sheds.




- Level 60 (Lower level possible with extra fee)
- No other requirements. We'll take care of everything to get you to your desired weapon level!

What is Weapon Mastery Leveling?

Weapon mastery leveling is a service in which the booster will level your weapon to the desired level. The levels of all weapons span from 1 to 20. We will of course take into account the progress you’ve already made. This service can be completed only as a piloted service and this is something you should be aware of prior to buying it. It is a nice way for you to save yourself some time grinding the levels and give you more time to enjoy the content you prefer.

Which weapons are currently available in New World?

Currently, there are a total of 12 weapons for you to choose from, including Sword and Shield, Rapier, Hatchet, Great Axe, Warhammer, Spear, Bow, Musket, Fire Staff, Life Staff, Ice Gauntlet and Void Gauntlet. Given the large pool of weapons, they have been divided further into subcategories of One-Handed, Two-Handed, Ranged, and Magical Weapons. Each weapon has a plethora of skills and nodes to choose from, getting a head start on them can never be a bad idea.

How long does it take to level a weapon?

This is always a tough question to answer, this is something that changes often as the game will continue to get updates that change the certain values of monsters, as such it is hard to predict even taking into account the progress that has already been made. The higher the level of the weapon the more experience it requires to level up and in turn makes it more difficult with time.