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Our Mission

We want to be the go-to hub for any gamer's needs. We want to sell you game codes, accounts, coaching, boosts… anything you might need. All of it with the best safeguards in the market. A player is not a one time potential sale. It’s a lifetime customer and friend.

Our Company

It started in 2012 in a market full of scammers and unprofessional sellers. We knew people wanted a serious and professional company.

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Our History

Blazing Boost

Our company was founded, starting with World of Warcraft services.


The market was full of sellers who offered RBG/Arena rating with wintrading and bug abusing. We fought against this activity and stood out with real professional teams completing our boosts.

February 2013

New website. Our user experience was drastically improved and we were able to add many new services and policies.

April 2014

Added League of Legends

May 2014

Added Hearthstone, CSGO

Junuary 2015
Safe carry

Creation of our Safecarry, our protection software developed after overwhelming DQ and ban waves that hit the whole playerbase.

September 2015

Added Overwatch

March 2016

Totally new and revamped website with new services and customization. Our customers helped us evolve thanks to their feedback ! + Safecarry 3.0

November 2017

Added WoW Classic

August 2019

Added Destiny 2

March 2020

What’s next

Blazing Boost
Marketplace expansion

Game Codes, Skins, Coaching, Accounts, Currencies for as many games as possible.

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    Best prices
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    Quality Guaranteed