WOTLK Arena Gear Boost in WoW WOTLK
Extra Options
We will also get a Deadly Weapon for your class. This will increase the ETA by around 2 weeks.
Your boost will gain priority. Our boosters will focus on your order and start it even earlier! The ETA is reduced by 30%. If this does not happen, we will refund you the extra cost.
Choose this extra option if you have all the honor gear set and offset pieces.

Rules and Terms of Services

ETA: Up to 120 Days

Service info


Our booster will first farm the necessary BGs to earn the full honor gear unless you've already acquired it yourself. If you already have the full honor gear you can select the extra option above to reduce the price of the service.
Once the booster has the adequate gear, he'll play arenas and earn the needed arena points and rating to get all the arena gear pieces besides the weapon. If you're also looking to get the weapon, you can select the extra option for it.

This service will get you:

- 5/5 Deadly Gladitor's Set Pieces
- Deadly Gladiator's Neck, Cloak, Bracers, Belt and Boots
- 1 Deadly and 1 Hateful Ring
- Medallion of the Horde/Alliance
- Weapon appropirate for you class
- 2000 rating in one of Arena brackets

This service will be completed in account sharing and through the use of our Safecarry program to give you as much protection as possible, or with a VPN, as you prefer.
However, Pilots are never 100% safe and we recommend choosing our Selfplay services instead.


Requirements / Rules

- Level 80 Character
- Account Sharing



  • What happens after purchasing?

    We need you to please add us on BlazingBoost Classic#4507 on Discord. We will pass you your Safecarry software license and start looking for a booster. 

  • Am I safe with Piloted services?

    We are unable to guarantee you total safety. Blizzard is clearly showing attention to account sharing activity. The good news are that the suspension reports are scarce and only of 30 days.

  • Who is going to boost me?

    Many of our Shadowlands farmers have been moved to Classic and usually complete high priority orders. For standard orders, we are using boosters who have completed a lvl 70 service already. New recruits are interviewed before being assigned a service and are closely monitored to make sure they perform. In case of problems, we will calculate a compensation or find another booster. Blazingboost is always on your side.

  • What are your refund rules?

    Before the order is started, you can change your mind and we will issue a cash refund if you wish. However, once we start, we are obliged to refund you any non-completed by parts if the ETA is doubled. We consider the service started once a player is assigned and your service is organised.

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