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Emblems are really valuable as they can be used to purchase a variety of items from their respective vendors in Dalaran.
You can buy upgrades for your gear such as Tier 7 items/200 item level epic pieces, 200 Ilvl PvP Savage gear set & heirlooms that will help out with your alts!
Over time as patches go buy, more gear will be available from the emblems vendor! With the introduction of Heroic+ which many players await, catching up on characters will be as easy as ever!

Buying Emblem of Heroism boost will help you get the items you have your eyes on but have no time to dedicate towards farming, or simply find the idea of doing the farm boring or monotonous.
Since farming Heroic dungeons is the fastest way to obtain the badges we will complete as many as necessary to get your desired amount of Emblems of Heroism. 
While doing Heroic Dungeons for your Emblem of Heroism boost, the booster is likely to also get some dungeon items that might be useful to you.


Why should I buy your WotLK Emblem of Heroism boost? Why Blazingboost?

We’ve been in the business since 2012 and our main focus has always been helping customers make the most out of their limited free time. Many members of our team are highly experienced WoW players and we’re perfectly aware of how frustrating it can be to spend hours in LFG. That's why our priority has been helping people enjoy their free time without having to stress with random groups from LFG.

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Is my account safe if I buy WotLK Heroism badges boost?

Account-sharing services will always carry a small risk and it’s recommended to choose them only if you are really busy and don’t have the time to play yourself. The risk is minimal and we can happily say that we haven't had any issues recently with it, so that's why we still sell it.

What Heroic dungeons would be completed for my Emblem of Heroism boost?

Currently, there are 12 Dungeons WoW Classic:
Utgarde Keep - found in Howling Fjord, it has 3 bosses: Prince Keleseth, Skarvald the Constructor & Dalronn the Controller and Ingvar the Plunderer
Utgarde Pinnacle - found in Howling Fjord, it has 4 bosses: Svala Sorrowgrave, Gortok Palehoof, Skadi the Ruthless, and King Ymiron.
The Violet Hold - found in Dalaran, it has various bosses that come up randomly, though the last boss, Cyanigosa, is always present. The remaining other options are Erekem, Zurmat the Obliterator, Xevozz, Ichoron, Moragg and Lavanthor.
The Nexus - found in Borean Tundra, it has 5 bosses: Commander Stoutbeard/Kolurg, Grand Magus Telestra, Anomalus, Ormorok the Tree-Shape, and Keristrasza.
The Oculus - found in Borean Tundra, it has 4 bosses: Drakor the Interrogator, Varos Cloudstrider, Mage-Lord Urom, and Ley-Guardian Eregos.
The Culling of Stratholme - found in Tanaris, it has 5 bosses: Meathook, Salramm the Fleshcrafter, Chrono-Lord Epoch, and Mal'ganis. If the dungeon is done within a set time-limit, Infinite Corruptor is also available and drops a mount.
Halls of Stone - found in the Storm Peaks, it has 4 bosses: Krystallus, Maiden of Grief, The Tribuan of Ages, and Sjonnir the Ironshaper.
Halls of Lightning - found in the Storm Peaks, it has 4 bosses: General Bjarngrim, Volkhan, Ionar, and Loken.
Gundrak - found in Zul'Drak, it has regularly 4 bosses + 1 Heroic boss: Slad'ran, Drakkari Colossus, Moorabi, Eck the Ferocious, and Gal'darah. 
Drak'tharon Keep - found on the border of Zul'drak & Grizzly hills, it has 4 bosses: Trollgore, Novos the Summoner, King Dred, and the Prophet Tharon'ja
Azjol Nerub, found in Dragonblight, it has 3 bosses: Krik'thir the Gatewatcher, Hadronox, and Anub'arak
The Old Kingdom, found in Dragonblight, it has 4 bosses + 1 heroic boss: Elder Nadox, Prince Taldaram, Amanitar, Jedoga Shadowseeker, and Herald Volazj.

The booster would do any dungeons he can form a group for quickly. Considering they are on a daily lockout he would try to do different ones during the day!