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In WoW Classic, your character progression is really impacted by the amount of gold you have available.
In general, gold helps you with:
- consumables
- materials for professions
- gearing up in raids by buying loot from GDKP organisations

Farming gold can take a long time, hence why buying gold in WoW Classic can be useful to save a lot of time and enjoy end game, especially if you are a very busy player. After all, we are all 15 years older now, as opposed to when Wrath of the Lich King originally came out in 2008!

Therefore, if you buy WOTLK gold you will certainly be able to power up your character without having to farm for so long. It can be really convenient for a busy gamer. 


Is it safe to buy WoW Gold in WOTLK Classic?

For now, it appears to be fine. However, we are unable to guarantee total safety on it. Blizzard may change their position at any time.  

What is your delivery speed for WOTLK Gold?

On average, every gold delivery takes from 3 to 12 hours. This depends on your and our booster's timezone. It can occasionally happen for it to require one full day in case of low stock. This is out of our control. 

Why do you sell gold in WOTLK Classic?

We do not encourage gold selling services because we consider them risky. However, due to the increased amount of demand & supply requests within the industry, we decided to start offering it too as long as you are fully aware of the risks.
After all, you may buy it somewhere else anyways - therefore, we prefer to at least keep you informed that there is a risk. Unfortunately many other providers do not mention any of this, but we are different. 

What if I get caught? What are the actual risks that you know of? 

We have heard of 24 hours to 7 days suspensions for gold. Occasionally, gold may get removed too. However, this happens EXTREMELY rarely. 

What is your policy if I get caught? 

Unfortunately we are unable to offer you a refund or compensation. WoTLK gold is not encouraged because there are safer alternatives, which we strongly suggest you to have a look at! 

Do I have other options if not buying the gold directly? 

Yes. We can:
- offer you materials and profession kits, which will cover your most basic gold needs
- boost you through raid runs where you will get gear without having to buy gold. This keeps you safer.