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In Wrath of the Lich King, you cannot get into any groups for higher content without a specific gear score which is a direct correlation to your item level. We have multiple gearing packages tailored toward specific content. Get ready with a single click!

- 187 item level will give you a full set of Normal Dungeon gear and it will get you ready for Heroic dungeons. You will be invited into every group for that content without fail!

- 200 item level will provide you with a full set of Heroic Dungeon gear and you will be fully prepared to go into WOTLK raids. You will have more gear than most players around and you will get to enjoy our favourite raids to the fullest!

- 213 item level will give you a full set of 25-player raid gear which will put you above everyone else. If you want the best without putting in hundreds of hours, this is exactly what you are looking for. You will have maxed out gear levels, and most of your items will be best in slot. You will have priority in every single group for any content in the game.

Back in the original WotLK the addon that was mainly used to determine someone's gear level was the Gearscore addon which provided a numerical number totalling your entire gear, which people would use to determine if you were geared enough for the content they were recruiting for. Since then item level has been introduced as the game's own numerical system for rating equipped items and is the system we use since.


What is Item level in WoW WotLK Classic?

Every piece of gear in the game has got an “item level” number tied to them, which corresponds to a specific amount of stats a piece of gear gives. According to the item level of the gear you have equipped, your own character’s average item level will differ -- so your character's item level is determined by the item levels of the various items you have equipped. In every expansion, more difficult content generally awards higher item level gear so the goal is to progress through content to increase your average item level. This is why we offer the WotLK Ilvl boost service.

Why should I buy a WoW Classic WotLK gear boost?

With the WotLK Ilvl Boost in WoW classic, you will be more welcomed to raids and other activities as generally, the community sets a threshold Item Level they would accept into their groups.
Without a higher item level, your experience in the game will feel poor. It is common knowledge that the main progression of any character in the game is increasing your character's item level.
When you get to a high item level, you can then start min-maxing your stats to further optimize your character so you could unlock the full power of your class/specialization.

The reason why you should buy a WotLK Classic gear farm service is: 

- Farming Item Level can be a very time-consuming process, especially in WotLK classic as there is a lot more farming to do in preparation for the end-game content.

- It's not easy to get into groups, especially as a fresh level 80 character. As mentioned groups for higher-level content such as Heroic Dungeons or Raids would prefer already geared players to make their content smoother.

- With more gear, comes more joy! You will feel the power running through your veins as you slay any opponent with ease. Other than the most obvious power spike, you will have access to more content in the game, be able to play with better players and your overall WoW experience will improve.

Skip incredible grinds, toxic human interactions, and hours upon hours of sitting in LFG and volatile GDKP raids with shady leaders. We will do everything for you, just like we've been doing for ten years.

Who is going to boost me?

We only use professional teams that have been working with us for years in TBC and Retail.
Our boosters are regularly tested in order to make sure we provide the best WotLK gear boost service quality to you.
We do not use random LFG players to provide services for us, only players with experience and knowledge of the game in order to know the best routes and methods to optimize your character's Item level as fast as possible. 
The boosters are well aware of the best stats and optimization for every class & specialization and while working on your WotLK gear boost, regardless if they already have an item of the desired item level they will still try to obtain a better stat item if the opportunity arises while hunting the remaining gear.

Is this safe?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee safety with any account sharing services as they can never be 100% safe. Every single order is completed with a VPN to ensure the maximum layers of safety. 

Suspensions for Wrath Gear boost services are almost always 30 days or less, and there is a chance for it to happen but we always want to be transparent with everyone.

Why Blazingboost?

We have been in the market for 10 years and we have vast experience in this area. We as a company have a proven track record and a set of guidelines to provide each client with the best experience:

- You come first at all times
- If something goes wrong, we always compensate & refund if necessary
- We always strive to having the lowest cost and highest quality on the market
- We have professional support available 24/7/365
- Your feedback will never be ignored