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Here you can buy WoW WotLK Honor Farming Boost service. We will help you farm any amount of Honor Points necessary to get you ready for any type of PvP content.

In WotLK, there are two additional battlegrounds added to the game, Isle of Conquest & Strand of the Ancients. During the WoW WotLK Honor boosting farm, there is a good chance you will get progress towards achievements for the battlegrounds booster does as well. 
There are titles that can be obtained such as the Justicar and the Battlemaster. 

With honor points you can buy full unrated PvP gear set which consists of 5/5 Savage Gladiator's Gear, offsets which consists of belt, boots, bracers, neck & ring pieces as well as the Medallion of the Horde/Alliance. 
With rating you can also purchase upgraded versions of those items which are named Hateful (200 Item level) & Deadly (213 item level). 
Some items may also require arena points which are awarded on a weekly basis provided you have participated in atleast 10 matches in a single bracket.

In order to increase your weekly arena points cap, you need to obtain the starter PvP gear through our WotLK Honor Farming service, with which you will be able to win more matches and therefore increase your rating yielding more points.
Without a specific amount of resilience, you will feel like a glass cannon in PvP and your experience will be short-lived.


Why Should I buy WoW WotLK Honor Farming boost?

Honor is one of the basic currencies in World of Warcraft, and it has been around since the game first came out back in 2004. The main reason most people farm honor nowadays is to upgrade their PvP gear. If you just hit max level on a new character, with just honor you can buy a full set of starter PvP gear, and then you will need some honor to upgrade your items to higher tiers as well as the game progress through the phases in WotLK Classic. Farming honor can be a dull and repetitive task that becomes boring for the majority of players after some time, another downside is that in WotLK especially Honor Farming is too much time-consuming. For that reason, this boost is a perfect way to save time and skip the boring grind. Just select the amount of honor you require, and we will take care of it for you.

How Does the WoW WotLK Honor farming boost work?

After purchasing the service, the first step is to join Discord and get in touch with us there. We will contact you as soon as your purchase goes through and appears on our admin panel. We'll explain the procedure thoroughly and share all the necessary information. Then we will start looking for a booster for your order, and we’ll let you know once a booster has been assigned and is ready to start working on your order. If you are interested in how the booster is progressing with your service, you can ask us for a progress update directly on Discord, and we will provide you with one as soon as possible.

How long will the WotLK Honor Farming boost take, what is the ETA?

ETA depends on the amount of honor that you decide to order from us. For example, the ETA for 5k honor is around 6-12 Hours. Our booster will do his best to complete the farm in the shortest time possible, but the time required to farm honor can vary a bit depending on how long the queue is for battlegrounds and how much your side is winning, as it's very hard to get a kill when the opposing side is much stronger. Essentially ETA is flexible, and it changes depending on the circumstances, but we can always give you a rough estimate based on previous experiences with similar services.

What is Safecarry?

Safe carry is a software we have built that allows us to protect you as much as possible when having someone log your account. This technology is unique in many ways and only belongs to us! You and the booster will synchronize your computers thanks to the Booster - The customer client of the Software. Your account will not be locked - you do not have to change your password! It absolutely helps you keep a low profile.  We do, however, strongly suggest Selfplay whenever possible in order to stay 100% safe.

Why Blazingboost?

Thousands of happy customers since 2012 use Blazing Boost because it is a fast, safe and reliable boosting site.

- Honesty and Professionalism:
 We are in the industry for 10 years. We inform you if we are aware of any risks, and we are always on your side.
- Customer Privacy: 
 Customer privacy is easily what we value the most during the completion of your service.
 The key points of this concept are:

  1. We will never talk with anyone in the game unless given permission
  2. If you ask, we can reply to anyone you want in a specific way. If your friends aren't English speakers, you can tell us a sentence that our booster has to reply in your own language. We're here for you!
  3. We will never mention boosting in the in-game chats as we know this could be dangerous.