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How does honor farming work?

In WoW Classic WOTLK, the main way of farming honor is completing random battlegrounds which reward Honor for both honorable kills, as well as increasing amounts for wins! Battlegrounds are a mainly a 10 vs 10 player mode in a large area with specific conditions. 

Examples are:
- Capture the flag
- Capture a point
& more

How does my Honor Gear Pieces farming work?

Our players would use your character to complete as many battlegrounds necessary to obtain your Honor Gear Pieces until every selected piece is farmed.

Who will complete my Honor Gear Pieces farm?

Blazingboost only uses boosters who have worked with us for years during WoW Classic and plan on transitioning into WOTLK. They have completed dozens of orders and are proven to hand farm Honor without AFK'ing. We also use boosters who are actively working with us on Retail services.

When can my Honor Gear Pieces farming start?

WoW Classic WOTLK release date is the 26th of September, and your Honor Gear pieces farm can start as soon as you are max level.  After getting in touch with us on Discord, we will assign your order to one of our boosters and present you with a timeline of when they are available to start.