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Wintersgrasp is a new zone that is introduced in Wrath of the Lich King that is designed as a PvP battleground open area.
As it is a PvP zone the main rewards are PvP oriented, however, there are sources that also offer upgrades for PvE players in the form of the raid Vault of Archavon which can drop tier-based items.
For participating and winning a Wintergrasp battle you are rewarded with a currency that lets you purchase various PvP items as well as honor tokens, which is why we have brought to you the WotLK Wintergrasp Mark farming boost.


How long will my WotLK Wintergrasp Mark farming boost take?

Our boosters will do their best to complete the service ASAP, however, the main factors that determine the ETA of the service are the number of marks purchased as well as your server balance & equipment.
If you have a specific time during which you want the WotlK Wintergrasp mark farmed, do let us know and we'll make sure its done, though keep in mind it would effect the duration of the service.

What are the WotLK Wintergrasp Mark farming boost rewards?

During the WotLK Wintergrasp Mark farming boost the booster will obtain various achievements tied to the zone and the Wintergrasp Battle. 
The big thing is obviously the Wintergrasp Marks which can be traded in for PvP items of any specialization, but along with that a lot of honor is obtained as well which will help you further in getting your character ready for PvP content.

How does the WotlK Wintergrasp Mark farming boost work?

Once the WotLK Wintergrasp Mark farming boost is purchased & you are in contact with our Discord support, our team will assign an experienced booster qualified to do your service.
When a booster is assigned, as the service is only doable via account sharing, he will log into your account and proceed to do the most optimal content for WotLK Wintergrasp Mark farming which can only be done through the battles that are done during a certain time. Winning those battles will reward the booster with the Wintergrasp Marks and he will repeat the process, logging in for every battle in order to farm the amount of marks you've purchased!