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In WotLK getting to a high rating allows you to purchase the highest item level pieces for PvP. 
The breakdown of what you could unlock with our WotLK arena boost service is:
- Deadly Gladiator's Gloves at 1400 rating.
- Deadly Gladiator's Pants at 1500 rating.
- Deadly Gladiator's Chest at 1600 rating.
- Deadly Gladiator's Weapons at 1800 rating.
- Deadly Gladiator's Helm at 1950 rating.
- Deadly Gladiator's Shoulders at 2000 rating.

Along with being capable of buying those items at those specific rating points, your weekly arena points cap increases the higher rating you obtain. In order to gear up as fast as possible ideally, you would obtain as high rating as possible which is why we're here to help you out with our professional players by providing the WotLK 2v2 arena selfplay boost.

In this iteration of WotLK WoW classic there are no longer arena teams, which means only your personal rating has to climb. If you do buy WotLK 2v2 selfplay arena boost you will not need to go through the pains of grinding a new team from 0 to the desired rating, you just pick off where you left at last time and continue climbing up the ladder. 

While still, the realm limitations exist unlike in retail WoW, it is still harder to find a decent teammate in LFG and there might not be professional players on your server, which is why we suggest you check out your realm availability on our page before you buy WotLK arena boost.


What happens after purchasing?

After you've ordered a service, we'll have to get in touch on Discord. You can do so by adding us at "BlazingBoost Classic#4507".
We will start looking for coaches for your service and check if there is a good combo available for you, that can suit your needs the most. Once a team has been found, a group conference is made on Discord with the coaches, and you will be able to schedule a time to play with them. 

What's the difference between WotLK Arena boost & Arena Coaching hourly services?

In general, both WotLK Arena Selfplay and WotLK Arena Coaching services in 2v2 & 3v3 are 100% safe and do not entail any account sharing. However, there are some differences:
- WotLK Arena Selfplay boost lets you play with top PvP players to reach your rating within a time limit (visible inside the service) that is usually sufficient. You will receive some basic tips, gain rating, and unlock your rewards. The goal is to reach your goal rating, so this is a rating-oriented service that is usually capped at 2100 rating (based on inflation). 

- WotLK Arena Coaching services are hourly based and primarily focus on teaching you how to become a better PvP player with the added benefit of getting to play with some of the best players in the game. They are the only option available to go beyond 1800 and reach Gladiator or even higher. Your assigned coaches will focus on guiding you through each game, ensuring that you become a better player and also gain rating along the way.

Why should I buy Selfplay WoW WotLK 2v2 Arena boost in WoW Classic WotLK from Blazingboost? What makes you special?

BlazingBoost was created in 2012 and has always specialized in WoW Arena services. We are in touch with all the professional players who play the game and have access to a high amount of amazing players who can play with you. 
We have helped countless players to Gladiator or even Rank 1, simply by playing with the right teammates on Retail as well as TBC.
You can filter the word 'Gladiator' or 'Coaching' on our Trustpilot so you can see that it is possible to reach amazing goals!

Many of our main managers are WoW arena pro players (or they used to be!) and they know which combos will work for your class, and experience the game's PvP scene firsthand. Therefore, we all know how frustrating it can be to spend hours in LFG and we are aware of how important voice communication and a good personality/attitude can be. We focus a lot on quality and we will always ensure you play with the right team.

Are there any risks?

To our knowledge, there are no risks for buying selfplay WotlK arena boost. This is a service that does not entail any account sharing. Of course, it is always recommended to keep a low profile and behave normally as if you have met the players in-game. Do not mention that you are paying, of course!

Who is going to play with me if I buy WotLK 2v2 selfplay arena boost?

It is possible to play with:
Gladiator players = these coachers have earned Gladiator during TBC & WotLK in the past recent seasons and private servers.
Rank 1 players = these coachers have earned Rank 1 during TBC & WotLK in the past recent seasons and private servers.
Celebrity players = are the best of the best, constantly participating (and usually winning) tournaments or being extremely famous in the community, or at the very top of the ladder. 

In general, we ensure to only work with professional players who take your service seriously and understand that they have to deliver an enjoyable experience. If you are unhappy with any of our players' performance, let us know and we will immediately react. 

What happens if I'm unhappy with my teammate? What if the games don't go well?

Our Discord support at BlazingBoost Classic#4507 will always do its best to help if you decide to purchase the WotLK arena boost. You can always inform us if Discord support you think you are losing too much and the games aren't going as well as you expected.
We generally encourage you to keep trying for a bit, as synergy can take some time to build up. It can happen to start off a bit slow. However, if there is no improvement, we will be on your side. We understand it: sometimes you may not like the sense of humor or personality of a player. We have had situations where customers performed very well with "Standard" Gladiator player as they clicked together and had better synergy, even better than with a more experienced Rank 1 pro teammate. This is a delicate service and we are aware that you may also just play a certain combo better as you are more used to it.  Therefore, we are flexible and we will always do our best to sort out any issues. Just contact us and we'll find another team if possible. Just please note that this service can never guarantee certain rating results.