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With the launch of Wrath of the Lich King expansion in addition to achevements we also got multiple difficulties and sizes for Raids. 10 or 25 man and then Normal and Heroic down the line, we can cover everything for you within our WotLK raid boost section!

At the start we will have access to four raids:

- Vault of Archivon 10 & 25 player versions which will give us access to various items, both of PvP & PvE nature. The loot table is quite vast, but the main things to note are that you can get PvE tier pieces and PVP pieces for chest, legs & hands item slots. This is the only raid in the history of WoW that expands as the newer phases are released, adding more bosses to award items from that respective tier. Both PvPers and PvErs want to venture in here weekly to make sure that they gather all possible items before spending their valor badges, arena points or anything else for items within the actual content that rewards them. That is why we have created a simple service for it with guaranteed loot - if you buy WoW classic WotLK raid boost for Vault of Archivon we will create a class run for either 10 or 25-man depending on your choice and have all the loot that drops for your class defaulted to you!

- Naxxramas; 10 & 25 player versions which will give us access to 200/213 item level gear and some of the most popular achievements eg. "the Undying" & " the Immortal" for completing them without a single member of your raid dying on any of the boss encounters. 
Split into 4 quarters: Arachnid, Plague, Military & Construct, it features 15 boss fights in total. The two final bosses can be found in a separate wing of the Raid called the Frostwyrm's Lair. Buy WoW Classic Naxxramas boost and get a minimum of 4 items guaranteed as well as certain achievements for clearing the raid!

- Obsidian Sanctum; 10 & 25 player versions with varying difficulty due to a brand new mechanic. The raid has 3 dragon minibosses that can be killed prior to the main boss, Sartharion. If you choose to leave those dragons alive, you can increase the difficulty of the fight as well as the quality of the loot. Leaving all three dragons alive prior to the boss pull and killing Sartharion will grant you the title: "of the Nightfall" for the 10-player version and "Twilight Vanquisher" for the 25-player version. In addition to better loot, your raid group will also get a single "Reins of the Black Drake" in the 10-player version, or a single "Reins of the Twilight Drake" in the 25-player version of the raid. If you decide to buy the WotLK classic raid boost for Obsidian sanctum, you will have various options such as an extra option to get the Drakes and titles tied with them as well as a minimum of one guaranteed item.

- Eye of Eternity; 10 & 25 player versions of the raid with a single boss, Malygos. Just like the Obsidian Sanctum raid, your raid group will also get a single "Reins of the Blue Drake" in the 10-player version, or a single "Reins of the Azure Drake" in the 25-player version of the raid. Those mounts are rare drops unlike Obsidian sanctum where there is a certain condition for clearing the boss for a guaranteed mount, which is why they are more unique. Purchasing raid boost in WotLK for Eye of Eternity will guarantee you at least one item.

Later on in the phase progression we get to one of, if not the best raids ever created in the history of the MMORPG genre.

- Ulduar; 14 encounters with layers of complexity like no other, with optional hard-modes and some of the most challenging content we have ever seen including an actual Old God, Yogg-Saron.
With both 10 & 25-player versions of the raid, we also get access to the first Legendary WOTLK item, Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings which is a healing mace. Incredibly potent and desired by all Shamans and Priests specifically, be prepared to fight over shards or skip that entire aspect of the game with our services! We will have services available to get you your legendary mace Val'anyr, Hammer of the ancient kings within our WotLK raid boost services which will serve you well in phase 2 & 3 of WoW classic.

- Trial of the Crusader; 5 encounter Coliseum and an introduction into the end-game of WOTLK. With both 10 & 25 player versions granting increased quality of loot you do not want to miss these unique encounters. There is even a PvP boss inside as well as some of the most potent trinkets we get to see in Wrath of the Lich King. With the change to Heroic & Normal, it is not possible to obtain two of the same trinkets anymore from this raid, however, just getting one of those trinkets - especially for PvP is a huge upgrade. We will be able to help you out with that with our WotLK raid boost for Trial of the Crusader. 

- Onyxia's Lair; a filler raid with both 10 & 25 player difficulty originally created to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of WoW. Items have the same models as the original Tier 2 sets, and we get a mount called "Brood of Onyxia". 

The final full-sized raid in WOTLK is the pinnacle of WoW and will never be forgotten, even in WoW: Retail 20.0.

- Icecrown Citadel; home of The Lich King as well as 11 of his lieutenants and what we will be waiting for from the moment WOTLK Classic is launched. Containing some of the happiest memories in WoW for most old players and a new experience for the new ones it is guaranteed to be a massive hit! With the launch of Icecrown Citadel, we get Normal & Heroic modes in addition to the 10 & 25 player difficulty. In heroic mode, we'll get access to the massive quest line for one of the best-known weapons ever in the history of the game. 

Shadowmourne! The sister blade to Arthas' Frostmourne, a two-handed Legendary axe only wieldable by Warriors, Death-Knights & Paladins with unimaginable power. If you are one of those that want to hold a fragment of the Lich King's power and smite down your foes, we will have an option to finish the full questline & collect all the shards required for Shadowmourne within our WoW Classic WotLK raid boost page.

- The Ruby Sanctum; another single boss raid, another dragon. 10 & 25 player as well as Normal and Heroic modes, it presents the final challenge of Wrath of the Lich King. 25-player Heroic clears will provide your raid with the highest item level items of the expansion! The best trinkets for all classes as well as a unique fight featuring two dimensions! When it releases, gearing to the teeth will finally show your true character power in Wrath of the Lich King. Don't miss out on being powerful and playing out one of the most well-regarded expansions in terms of class balance and the joy of playing them by being undergeared. Buy your WotLK raid boost now and prepare for what's ahead!

We are in for a roller coaster of emotions and content in WOTLK, make sure you don't fall behind when you can be ahead with Blazing. 


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