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Why should I get the Vault of Archavon Raid Service?

If you are like the majority players in this game, you probably can't stick to a specific schedule due to real life commitments or you might not have loot priority within your guild. This raid service can fix both of those issues. You'll get to clear the raid fast and get guaranteed loot for your specialization without having to worry about competing and outrolling others!

Why should I get my Vault of Archavon Raid service from Blazingboost?

We've been in the business for over 10 years, we have experience through multiple expansions and games and we are perfectly equipped to handle any WOTLK service.
- We've been working with our teams for years, they are proven and we have an incredible relationship with them.
- Customer satisfaction is always our top priority, if you have any type of issue we are here to solve it 24/7/365. Nothing can be 100% perfect, and issues happen due to so many human interactions, but here at Blazing we'll always work on resolving them as soon as possible.
- We have a proven track record with a 5/5 start Trustpilot page with over 28000 reviews, you're more than welcome to check it out.
- We offer a legal guarantee for every single order

Who is going to complete my Vault of Archavon Raid service?

Your order will be completed by some of the best teams in the game. Our teams have been working with us for many years and all of them have completed many orders without any issues.

How does the Vault of Archavon Raid service work?

This is a piloted service which means one of our boosters will play on your character. Once you've made an order, we'll offer your service to our teams on your realm and let you know as soon as one has been assigned to your service. We'll inform you of the start time of the run and coordinate the login process with your boosters. Since this service involves account sharing, a protection method of your choice will be used, either a custom program called Safecarry or a regular VPN. In general, there's no bulletproof safety method when it comes to piloted services, so we recommend getting a selfplay service whenever possible.

What is Realm Availability?

Before you check our prices and offers, you will need to make sure to pick your realm from our Realm Filter (in the top left corner). This is the case because any and all progress in WOTLK is completely realm locked. We are constantly expanding our team of boosters, and trying to have as many realms covered on all the available servers. If the service is available on your realm, you will see the green check mark next to the service.

In case we have no boosters on your realm, you can always purchase the service to create the demand. In this case, it usually takes some weeks for us to develop a trusted and consistent booster base on your realm. If this timeframe is breached for whatever reason, you would be eligible for a 110% refund of the entire price of your order in Blazing Points.

What you can also do is to use an alt character or to get a character transfer to another realm, that we have covered, and be boosted there.

In the end, we always encourage our customers to contact us on discord “BlazingBoost Classic#4507”, and check for boosters availability (in case we have a player/team on your realm, but he/they forgot to update his/their status). Checking with us is recommended in any case, especially because we can contact boosters directly and give you the most recent updates.

Even though it might take time, we can assure you that your service will be completed as soon as humanly possible, approached with the utmost care and proficiency. Never hesitate to reach out and ask for an update, as we will always be there for you and at your service.