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One of the systems that have always been present in the game is faction reputations, and they have always been important but extremely boring and tedious to grind. As always, we are here to help!

What are the benefits? Here's a reminder:

Every Faction has its own gear rewards, unique profession patterns and Head enchants.

- Kirin tor: Caster head enchant

- The Wyrmcrest Accord: Healer head enchant

- Knights of the Ebon Blade: Melee head enchant

- Argent Crusade: Tank Head enchant

- The Sons of Hodir: Shoulder enchants

Along with those important enchants that are mandatory throughout the expansion, there are also other reputations that offer profession items and collectibles such as The Kalu'ak which offers an epic fishing rod and a pet for your collection.

The Oracles or The Frenzyheart tribe are the counterparts of the TBC versions of Aldor & Scryer reputations which are hostile with each other. They reward you with epic trinkets, various gear and pets as well as a chance at obtaining Reins of the Green Proto-Drake mount that can hatch from the Mysterious Egg (Revered reputation with the Oracles).

If you are a collector, achievement hunter or simply want to min-max your character's power level reputations are something that will take a lot of your time, which is why we're here to help and provide a highly customizable WotLK Reputation farming boost.


Who is going to boost me?

We have a stable roster of farmers who we've been working with for years. They have been through many expansion launches with us and they have proven how quickly they can adapt and complete brand new content including the WotLK Reputation farming service.

Is the WotLK reputation farming service safe?

Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee 100% safety for account sharing services, especially leveling at the start of a new expansion. It is likely that some account sharing activities will be caught - In our experience, we can say that 30 day suspensions are not out of the ordinary.
Our main focus is transparency, giving you the choice of which protection tools you want us to use and suggesting you what works best for your safety and for your enjoyment in World of Warcraft.

What happens if something goes wrong?

If something goes wrong with your service due to any fault of ours as a company or the booster, you will be compensated or refunded in Cash/Blazing points according to the case. We never run from responsibility, you are our number one priority.

How will you do the WotLK Reputation farming service?

There are various ways to farm reputations in Wrath, however, our boosters know the fastest and most effective ways to maximize the reputation on a daily basis.
Each reputation is farmed in its own way, be it by equipping a faction's tabard and running dungeons or doing their respective daily quests. 
This can be very time-consuming for players that can dedicate only a few hours a day playing the game and don't want to dedicate that little time towards repetitive and boring content.
That is why we have made the Wrath reputation farming service in order to complete those grinds for you so that when you log in you can enjoy the game in your own way without feeling like you're falling behind other players or missing cosmetics you'd like to show off.
The booster can farm the reputation while you are offline and can follow a specific schedule if you have one.