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Why would I buy Alliance Honor & PvP Rank Boost in WoW Season of Mastery?

The Wow Classic Honor System allows players to earn PvP ranks, unlocking titles and gear at each rank, which are calculated based on weekly PvP contributions, all this combined requires a lot of time invested into the game.
Furthermore, higher ranks will grant you better gear, but at the same time it will consume more time.
Based upon experiences with the game, we predict that in best circumstances you'll need more than 2 months of 
heavy grind in order to acquire Grand Marshal title on Alliance side in WoW Season of Mastery.

Why should I choose Blazingboost?

Two main reasons to choose us :

- Honesty and Professionalism, We are present in gaming industry for more than 10 years with thousands of satisfied customers.  We inform you if we are aware of any risks, and we are always on customer side.

- Background checks and constant testing, Every player we work with is tested and monitored. If they underperform, the customer always comes first, and you will be compensated accordingly.

Is my account safe, should I be worried?

We are happy to say that in 2022, we had zero problems in all the games that we support. This only shows and proves that: 
- our security measures work as intended, and they are reliable
- there isn't a lot of attention on account sharing services right now across the board
- big gaming companies have their main focus elsewhere

However, we cannot always guarantee 101% bulletproof safety, and we will always inform you as per our Transparency policy.
Account Sharing services unfortunately always include a certain degree of risk (a potential suspension, for example, in case you attract a lot of attention or exaggerate with the account sharing activity). VPN, Safecarry and a low profile will always help and be crucial for your safety!

In any case, when available, we also greatly recommend our Selfplay services. We want you to skip boring and tedious grinds, have fun, learn, and become a better player. Personally, professionally and truly this is our main objective.