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Small Gold
Trade needed?
  • Yes

    For certain services, a gold trade is required. The total price of the service will always be the most competitive in the market. We follow WoW Token ratios.

  • No

    Even if we do not require a gold trade, we always recommend considering to trade a small sum for extra safety.

We protect you as much as possible
  • Very high risk service? We Don't sell it. Example: We have never and will never sell gold.
  • Small risk service? We inform you BEFORE and AFTER purchase.
  • Service is free of risk? We still advice self play for maximum security.
Protection policy ?

We guarantee to be transparent with you, as your safety is a priority for Blazingboost.

First of all, we encourage and promote safe services such as Selfplays in order to comply with Blizzard's ToS as much as possible.

Moreover, If we are aware of any risks, we will be proactive and inform you beforehand. Our website is designed around honesty - we do not sell high risk services or clearly inform you if there is a chance of being caught.

Prices policy ?
General Policy

We chose to take additional focus into our prices. We want to be the only place where every customer would like to purchase any WoW service, maintaining customer satisfaction and the best protection. It would be easy to abuse bots / hacks / cheats and offer lower prices, but that’s not the way we do business. We value every single customer as a lifetime customer. Your account and your satisfaction are the biggest priority for us.

Accounts / Characters

Thanks to our policies and prices, we guarantee characters and accounts for a lifetime; if anything goes wrong, even if beyond our control, we will always compensate you with another one for free at OUR cost. Your satisfaction is our primary priority.

PVP prices

Our focus with our PvP services (Selfplay Arenas / Arena Coaching / RBG / Pilots) is to provide the highest level of players at the most competitive price. Every single booster's background is checked before accepting him in our roster. Prices are regularly updated according to the inflation and deflation of ratings during the season. We have a specific team of PvP services manager who monitors the arena ladder's activity, its trends, and calculates prices carefully.

Raids Runs Prices

Prices will be updated week after week. The easier a content gets, the cheaper it will get. No service will be forgotten.


Throughout the years, we were able to build a real dream team regarding any farming service. No bots - cheap prices - very fast delivery. As our farmers gain expertise with the farming services, the price goes down!

Gold policy ?

When possible, we strongly suggest you to trade some gold to our boosters. Blizzard allows boosting for in-game gold, and we want to respect their Terms as much as possible. This will make your boost even safer!

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More Info

5th Phase of TBC Classic is here and with it comes a new zone the Isle of Quel'Danas, a 5 man Dungeon the Magisters' Terrace, a 25 man Raid the Sunwell Plateau and a new PvP Season. We're offering WoW TBC services, both Piloted and Selfplay for the latest raid, the Sunwell Plateau. If you're more the PvP type we've also got you covered, you can get your PvP gear, with our Honor, Battleground Marks or specific Honor Gear Piece farming services. For Arenas you can order Arena rating boosts or Arena coaching services, we also have Piloted Duelist and Piloted Gladiator boosts.

Alternatively, if you've started playing recently or wanted to continue playing after taking a break, you can go for our Catch Up Bundles available for both PvE and PvP. These will help you catch up to others and jump right into the action.

We're offering services for pretty much anything: normal and heroic Dungeons, Raids from previous Phases, reputation farming, profession boosts, daily quest clears, and level 60 and 70 Characters. There's even a service where we make an account in your name and prepare a character for you according to your wishes.
If you're interested in something that isn't covered by our services on the site, you can also make a service request here and our managers will work on setting it up your customized WoW TBC boost!


Why should I buy a WoW TBC Boost and why Blazingboost?

Blazingboost is active since 2012. Essentially we are gamers. All of our team is actively playing the games we support. We want you to learn how to become a better player, save time, enjoy the real fun activities of the games you love and skip boring grinds. Our Trustpilot shows why we are the perfect fit for your gaming needs, specifically in WoW TBC. 

We know how fast the online market runs, and we are totally aware that customers need:
- a trustworthy and precise time of completion for their order
- a satisfactory price with excellent service quality
- easy and simple to use chat support for any doubts or questions, 24/7/365

Here on Blazingboost we sincerely believe that the customer is always right. Your consumer rights are always safe and fully respected through our Terms and Conditions. We want to provide an impeccable experience and not only a service. Our Trustpilot can clearly show you how we work, so that you can shop with a peace of mind.

Is my account safe? Should I be worried?

We are happy to say that in 2021, we had zero problems in all the games that we support. This only shows and proves that: 
- our security methods are working very well
- there isn't a lot of attention on account sharing services right now across the board
- big gaming companies have their main focus elsewhere

However, we cannot always guarantee 101% bulletproof safety and we will always inform you as per our Transparency policy.
Account Sharing services unfortunately always include a certain degree of risk (a potential suspension, for example, in case you attract a lot of attention or exaggerate with the account sharing activity). VPNs and a low profile will always help and be crucial for your safety!

In any case, when available, we also greatly recommend our Coaching or Selfplay services. Thousands of players have enjoyed their rewards 100% safely and have become better players by teaming up with our pros. We want you to skip boring and tedious grinds, have fun, learn, and become a better player. Personally and professionally, this is our mission.

What WoW TBC services do you offer?

You can browse through our categories at the top of our website. We are offering Leveling services, Dungeons, Gearing, Raids, Honor Farm, Mounts and more. If you are interested in any service you do not find on our website, you can send us a request in the Service Request area, so that a specific manager who is a great expert of WoW TBC will ensure to build the perfect bundle for you! 

What's new in TBC classic?

TBC classic brought a new level cap (level 70) and 2 new playable races: Blood Elves and Draenei. It also introduces a new region Outland, which is split into 7 zones:
- Hellfire Peninsula (58-63)
- Zangarmarsh (60-64)
- Terokkar Forest (62-65)
- Nagrand (64-67)
- Blade's Edge Mountains (65-68)
- Netherstorm (67-70)
- Shadowmoon Valley (67-70)

It also introduced a new way of traveling, flying. Learning the flying riding skill and getting a flying mount will make your life a lot easier, help you save time on travel and allow you to experience the vast open world in a new way.

TBC classic was released with 15 Dungeons and 3 Raids, main changes made to this type of content are the introduction of Heroic mode for Dungeons and Raids being reduced to 25 man. Here is a list of zones along with dungeons and raids that can be found there:

Hellfire Citadel - Hellfire Ramparts, The Blood Furnace, The Shattered Halls and Magtheridon’s Lair (25 man Raid)
Zangarmarsh - The Slave Pens, The Underbog, The Steam Vaults
Terokkar Forest - Mana-Tombs, Auchenai Crypts, Sethekk Halls, Shadow Labyrinth
Blade’s Edge Mountains - Gruul’s Lair (25 man Raid)
Netherstorm - The Mechanar, The Botanica, The Arcatraz
Tanaris Desert - Escape from Durnholde, Opening of the Dark Portal
Deadwind Pass - Karazhan (10 man Raid)

The 2nd Phase of TBC was released on 15th of September, 2021. It introduced 2 new 25 player Raids: Serpentshrine Cavern in Zangarmarsh and Tempest Keep in Netherstorm.

The 3rd Phase of TBC was released on 17th of January, 2022. With it came 2 new 25 man Raids: Mount Hyjal and one of the most iconic WoW raids the Black Temple along with it's final boss Illidan Stormrage, wielder of the legendary Twin Blades of Azzinoth.

The 4th Phase of TBC was released on 22nd of March. It brought a new 10 man Raid: Zul'Aman. Zul'Aman comes with a unique time trial mechanic. Completing the time trial will reward, the first bear mount introduced to WoW, the Amani War Bear.

The 5th Phase of TBC will release on 10th of May. It will bring a new zone the Isle of Quel'Danas which contains a new 5 man dungeon Magisters' Terrace and the final TBC raid the Sunwell Plateau, culminating in a battle against the Supreme Commander of the Burning Legion, Kil'Jaeden.
4th PvP Season is also here, this is a perfect opportunity to get started, gear up and try out Arenas. Now is the time to start your climb.