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Piloted boosts are a way for people with no experience or time to obtain the greatest rewards that were previously not available for them. As a general policy for the health of the game, BlazingBoost does not advertise in-game. Please beware of scams and impersonators, don't trust anyone saying they are affiliated with Blazing Boost outside of our Official LiveChat and Discord channels.

These types of services are completed with specific VPNs to ensure the maximum possible safety, but please note that Selfplay is always recommended.

As a general policy, we always suggest Selfplay Arena services as they are 100% safe and let you learn and reach your goal with a peace of mind.


What happens after purchasing?

We need you to please add us on BlazingBoost Classic#4507 on Discord. Afterwards, we will create a group conference on Discord with your booster.

Is the service safe? Are there any risks?

We are unable to guarantee total safety on account sharing services. The 'Safecarry' software and a VPN will certainly be of huge help and we do not foresee problems. However, we strongly recommend Selfplay services, the Order a Character system, or being boosted on a new account; if you get caught, you will still be able to play WoW. Please understand that we cannot be held responsible in case of a 30 days suspension because this is out of everyone's control and we are being transparent on this matter.

What if the booster is unavailable?

As we want to be honest, this can happen. If it is the case, we will have 3 days to find someone new or we will offer you a full cash refund and potential compensations for the future. No worries though, we safely cover a lot of servers already!

Who is going to boost me?

You will be boosted by PvPers who have been background checked or that already work with us on Retail for a long time. In general, our TBC boosters are either trusted players that we work with since years on Live servers, or fresh new PvPers that we recruited in game or from private TBC realms.