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WoW TBC 3v3 Arena services are available with account sharing (Pilot) and without account sharing (Selfplay). You can choose your current and desired rating.
In TBC getting to a high rating allows you to gear up very quickly, getting higher arena point rewards along the way. Getting to 1850 rating will unlock the Gladiator weapons.

Specifically, the advantage of 3v3 Selfplay services is that you get to play with two pro players, compared to one in 2v2.
3v3 Services are also generally faster and offer a greater variety of team comps and can accommodate a wide range of different playstyles.
As a general policy, we always suggest Selfplay Arena services as they are 100% safe and let you learn and reach your goal with a peace of mind.
Avoid wasting time with toxic players from LFG - you are not the problem! Playing with our pros will greatly improve your PvP experience.

If you don't have the time to play yourself, we also offer account sharing services. They are completed with specific VPNs to ensure the maximum possible safety, but please note that Selfplay is always recommended.


What happens after the purchase?

We will need you to add us at BlazingBoost Classic#4507 on Discord. Once your order has been assigned, we will create a group conference on Discord with your booster.

Can you really offer Selfplay services in TBC?

If the service is available for your realm/faction, it means a booster has given availability for it from his panel in the past few days. Our goal is to make sure that every service is available on every single realm and faction, of course! However, if no booster is available, you should see a specific warning and extra policy to agree with. 

What if the booster is unavailable?

As we want to be honest, this can happen. If it is the case, we will have 3 days to find someone new or we will offer you a full cash refund and potential compensations for the future. No worries though, we safely cover a lot of servers already!

Who is going to boost me?

You will be paired with PvPers who have been background checked or that already work with us on Retail for a long time. In general, our TBC boosters are either trusted players that were sent to level on your realm, or fresh lvl 70s that we recruited in game or from private TBC realms.