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Shattered Sun Offensive is a new faction that is released with the phase 5 patch of TBC Classic. It is one of the most desired factions in the whole of Burning Crusade as it has a lot to offer such as:
     1. Various recipes for Jewelcrafting & Enchanting 
     2. Epic Neck piece for each type of specialization:

      3. Two epic shields to choose from: 

      4. A very good looking Tabard of the Shattered Sun​​​​​​​


Where is the Shattered Sun Offensive reputation quartermaster?

The quartermaster can be found on the Isle of Quel'danas at Sun's Reach. Her name is Eldara Dawnrunner
To get to the Isle of Quel'danas you can do so by either flying from Ironforge (Alliance) or Silvermoon (Horde) or by going through the portal in the centre of Shattrah city.