How will the ETA work?

  • ETAs are estimates and are calculated on our expectations and previous experiences. However, we are forced to apply a certain degree of tolerance in case servers lag too much; especially at release day, too many people leveling at once can make a quest hub impossible to go through. Delays can be around the corner, especially with World PvP.

  • In general, our specific refund policy for TBC Leveling obliges us to refund you partially in cash (or in Credit, with a bonus) according to the levels that are not done yet once the ETA expires. This can certainly be done if it’s clear that this the booster’s own fault and server lag is not slowing him down.

    Keep in mind, however, that our bonuses or end game compensations are more important than being level 70 1-2 days later than expected!

If you order a Priority or Super Priority leveling and the completion time is not proportionally shortened, we are obliged to refund you the extra cost of the priority option according to how slower the booster was.

Is this boost safe?

  • Blazingboost focuses on transparency. It is impossible for us to guarantee you absolute safety. Even if we will use the highest level of protection available in the market, it is still possible for Blizzard to trace account sharing activities with deep investigations that they can randomly carry out.

  • In fact, Blizzard may decide to target account sharing activities at the start of the expansion and this would not be a surprise, as they start focusing on Gold selling a few weeks later (usually). Do not trust sellers who promise you the moon with absolute safety when account sharing is involved - it is simply NOT true! If you get suspended on your TBC license, your Shadowlands license can also be affected.

  • Our suggestions:

    - Consider our Order a Character section. The only account sharing moment will be your first login on your new account, but this risk can be minimized with the appropriate waiting time and our advices.

    - Get boosted in account sharing on a separate license or another Battle Net (your choice); if you get caught, you can still play your main account and after your short suspension you will have skipped the boring leveling grind!

    - Consider leveling on your own and using our website for Selfplay services once you are level 70. Raids, dungeons, Arena Coaching services etc are 100% safe and can also be more meaningful!

Our reviews

Everyone was excited when WoW Classic was announced, but TBC is taking WoW's history to another level! With the level cap being raised to 70 and many more game systems, it is important not to fall behind. We are here to help you enjoy the end-game without having to necessarily grind with old fashioned quests from 2007! 


Once you place an order you will have to join our “Contact Only” Discord server. The invitation to join it is available after the purchase! This will allow you to message our Discord support account, i.e.  “BlazingBoost Classic#4507” for TBC, even without a friend request. This allows us to chat with you.
At that point, we will start looking for a booster and notify you when someone is ready to start. We will proceed with the service if you are okay with everything. To start, our booster will be using a VPN or our software called ‘Safecarry’, or both, or neither, according to your choice. Our software gives a higher protection but in general we want you to choose, as account sharing services carry inherent risks.


Our sources tell us that 60-70 leveling is supposed to take between 50-70 /played hours on average. That’s a lot!


After receiving your order, we do our best to start in a few hours / the same day, doing the best we can to make sure the order is delivered by the ETA. In general, for TBC leveling, we ask you for a bit of patience / flexibility due to the huge amount of expected chats, demand, and unstable realms or World PvP that can slow some boosters down. You can always find more specific details inside the specific service after clicking on the Buy Now button, including explanations on the exact ETA and detailed refund rules.


Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee total safety for account sharing services, especially leveling at the start of a new expansion. It is likely that some account sharing activities will be caught - by experience, we can say that 30 days suspensions are not out of the ordinary.
For this reason, we have a LOT of suggestions and alternatives so that you stay as safe as possible!  In fact, our main focus is transparency, giving you the choice of which protection tools you want us to use and suggesting you what works best for your safety and for your enjoyment in World of Warcraft.
- Get boosted on another account
- Use the ‘Order a Character’ system, where there is only one account sharing activity (the delivery). Our boosters will create a new account with your data and deliver you the account (gametime included on delivery).
These two options are the most suggested as even if anything happens, your main account is untouched! In fact, your Retail license can be hit if you get suspended for TBC/Classic. This can require to pay more subscriptions but that’s ONLY if you plan to play on both Retail+Classic at the same time, and the small extra monthly cost is well worth your long-term enjoyment in the game.
In any case, a very large majority of our account sharing services is always fine, especially because the amount of account sharing in the game is huge and it’s impossible to track every player who shares with a friend or a family member and decide to ban them. Still, ultimately our number one strength lies in Selfplay services at max level so if you have the time and patience to grind up to level 70, it can be a good idea to do that and then let us help you with raids, arenas, and dungeons at max level, without account sharing. 



If you are a type of player who would like to engage into the high level content as soon as possible - this is the exact service for you! The purpose of a leveling boost is to speed up your leveling experience and let you enjoy the level 70 content among the first players who have reached it. In the later phase of TBC this service will help you save your time and catch up or to level up your alts.


The base version of the service, on this page, is 1-70 leveling; we will level up your character on your account with account sharing. That’s the most common and generic way to complete this service
You can customize the order with extra speed options that reduce the ETA (our booster will have to be online for longer) or you can choose attunements, dungeon gear, professions, or more! You can use the checkboxes underneath the bar.


The Vanilla TBC was released back in 2007 and brought 2 new races (Blood elves for Horde and Draenei for Alliance) as well as an increased level cap of 70. With the release of TBC Blizzard also made a lot of balance changes to the classes and graphic improvements. A lot has been changed in the Vanilla Classic part of the game as well in order to make it less grindy. The amount of experience needed for 1-60 was reduced by 30% in TBC. 

TBC Classic will have a total of 8 raids released over the time and every single one of them have the encounters to remember. You will have to visit the Tower of the last Guardian of Tirisfal - Karazhan, meet Kael’thas and get a chance to loot the first EVER 320% flying mount in WoW history - Ashes of Al’ar, or maybe you will be finally PREPARED to fight Illidan Stormrage at the top of Black Temple. 

In The Burning Crusade you will go through the Dark Portal and witness the result of Gul’Dan fel magic and cooperation with the Burning Legion. The Portal leads to Draenor - the home planet of Orcs and Draenei.



Blazingboost has been successfully boosting WoW players since 2012. Our strongest point is our Trustpilot. We have more than 14000+ reviews right now, with a 5/5 score. You can scroll through the reviews to see what people think of us, so you can always know what to expect when shopping on our site! We focus on making sure that our service descriptions and requirements are transparent, and our support is always able to help.
We are proud to say that throughout all these years we have established a perfect boosting ecosystem. We have sponsored the most famous WoW influencers on Twitch and we have a team of very dedicated and professional boosters whose interest is to deliver the highest quality of the service and meet the customer’s expectations.
We value every single customer and are open to any discussion, suggestion or feedback. Our customer support is online 24/7/365 and is always happy to help you with any question or doubt.


In general, when a new expansion is released, we assign preorders by hand to our most trusted boosters. For the rest, after an order is visible on our admin panel, we have 30mins to assign it directly to any available booster. Afterwards, your order becomes ‘public’ for all boosters to see (the order will be anonymous! Boosters can only see, for example, “58-70 Leveling, Realm, Faction, Account Sharing”) and they can apply to take the order. Our support assigns the order to the booster that claims to be able to start the earliest and that has the least amount of pending / open orders from the past. If needed, we can also message all of our boosters simultaneously for a quicker assignment, especially in case of Express orders.


Yes, in case we clearly foresee delays and the booster is not performing as expected, we will certainly reassign your order. However, it is best to do this only if necessary, as reassigning the order opens up to further account sharing activity.


After buying any service, we are legally obliged to grant a refund if the order has not been started yet, for 14 days starting from the purchase date.
As per our terms and conditions, our service starts when the order has been assigned. For example, if a booster has been found for your Leveling service and we have started organizing everything, we consider the service to have been started - this is because our booster is organizing his schedule and declining other boosts/offers in order to focus on yours. Another example is Selfplay services: when a Selfplay order is assigned, we create a group conference with the booster; as a further example, imagine a raid service, especially if you have a specific date for the raid. Even if you are not inside the raid instance yet, the service is considered to be started.
After a service begins, you are entitled to receive a cash refund when the ETA has been doubled, for the part of the service that was not completed, if the reason of the delay is on our side or on the booster’s side.
You can always stop your service and get refunded in credit for the part of the service that was not completed yet.
If the ETA is surpassed or there are delays, compensations always ensue according to the situation (credit points, discounts, or small gifts).
In case of a suspension, we cannot issue refunds for completed services but Blazing is obliged to help with a ticket or with generic assistance to help you get in the game as quickly as possible.
If you have any other pending services that cannot be completed because of the suspension, the case will be analysed but the main refund route is credit.