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New Account to play on

You will have a new TBC account to play on. This is a lot safer than a standard Acc Sharing boost!

Order a character

We create the character, level it and gear it up according to your request

We deliver you the account

Is this type of boost safer?

  • Order a Character system is certainly the safest possible option to get a new level 70 character.

  • When we deliver you the account, you will still have to log the account on it. This means that there will only be one account sharing moment. If you login 48 hours after the account is ready, we can simulate traveling. This will help.

  • Even if we cannot guarantee bullet proof safety due to the unavoidable SINGLE account sharing activity, Order a Character is certainly a lot safer than a full piloted boost. If anything happens, we will address the case with you.

When will it be completed?

  • According to the priority you choose, the ETA is different. Please understand that these services take a long time and we aren't excessively strict on the delivery day. However, in case of delays, we certainly compensate at max level and find a solution together. We will be on your side.


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Here you can purchase Order a Character TBC leveling service with extra options!



Our booster will create a new Battle.net account using your credentials: Full Name, Country, and Date of Birth. Once the service is completed, we will deliver you the account infos and you will get access to the account with a character on it. It is not possible to send this character to your own main account(opposite to Shadowlands, for example); but if Blizzard decides to follow the TBC real experience from 2007, they will enable cross-account transfers in TBC!


This system is convenient because of its far higher safety. Standard account sharing is not considered to be unsafe, but there is a suspension risk (usually 30 days). Even if low, it exists. This system minimizes the account sharing activity and keeps your main account safe.
Seeing as you are receiving a new account to play on, this can require you to pay two subscriptions, assuming you also want to maintain another account to play on. However, you can cancel the Retail sub (if that’s your first one) and play on TBC, and vice versa. You are not really forced to pay two simultaneously.
We honestly believe that this is not a drawback. In fact:
- Nothing is account wide in TBC, so you are not really losing anything specific.
- We consider it fairly cheap, if WoW is your passion/hobby,  to pay a small extra fee (the potential second subscription) to be covered for the worst possible scenario. In fact, in case anything happens and you ever get suspended, you will always retain your access to your own main account.


With this service you will be able to speedrun the leveling and get straight to the raids or pvp content. Waste no time on grind in order to participate in the best content available in the game, we will take care of it! Once the service is completed you will be able to jump into action right away. 

The result of this service is receiving a new fresh account to play on, so that you can dive deep into the game. This service is exactly tailored for players who are busy gamers and have no time to dedicate to very long grinds and leveling.
The most efficient and well known way of leveling in TBC is the dungeon grind. It gives a lot of xp per hour as well as all that needed reputation. Our boosters will do a mix of leveling and dungeons.
In fact, Reputation is very important in TBC because it’s a major step in getting access to the heroic dungeon difficulty. However, you can also level up in a regular way by doing quests, exploration and mob grind. The core of enjoyable and quick leveling is a good leveling build for your class. Every class has his own leveling build(it is very different compared to your actual lvl 70 build in most cases) which is aimed to increase your leveling efficiency by improving your overall speed and damage output. 

With this service every character will be leveled up using one of these 2 methods in order to deliver the character as quickly as possible. Our boosters will be using the best leveling build for your character to maximize the leveling speed and a good part about it is that most of the characters already have their core talents unlocked at level 58. The boosters can also form a party to grind the dungeons which will increase the leveling speed by a lot, as previously mentioned. 



Yes! As you can see we offer a great deal of options to maximize your character’s efficiency. You can choose honor, gear, professions, and more. This is the best way to build the new account that you REALLY want in order to have fun.



The rule is that any account sharing service is never 100% safe. However, according to our experience, the Order a Character system is the safest available in the market, as there is only one account sharing moment - the delivery. An extra security step, in fact, is to wait 48h hours after the service is completed before logging in. We have used this system in WoW Classic and it literally hasn’t caused a single problem in two years.
This service system will be perfect once cross-account transfers are enabled (like on Shadowlands), because at that point there will not even be any account sharing activity. Fingers crossed that this is available really soon in TBC too!


The release of TBC brought a lot of changes. First of all you can enter the Dark Portal and explore the whole new planet - Draenor, which was almost destroyed by the fel magic of Gul’dan and the Burning Legion. This planet is now called Outland. Players will be able to explore every single corner of this new area with the introduction of flying mounts. In TBC, flying skill has a level requirement of 70, so you must first progress through the TBC leveling content on foot before you can explore it from above. After training the skill, the flying mounts themselves are purchased from different NPCs close to the trainer:

Another new addition in The Burning Crusade is the possibility to play as a Horde Paladin (Blood Elves) and Alliance Shaman (Draenei). This is a great feature because it makes all classes available for both factions. As time goes on,  players will get access to 8 available raids(3 of which are available from the start: Magtheridon's Lair, Gruul's Lair and Karazhan) and will get to know more about the story of Outland and its key characters.