Mount Hyjal Raid Carry - Pilot Master Loot in WoW TBC

Mount Hyjal Raid Carry - Pilot Master Loot

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This is not available on your chosen realm but you can buy anyways and create demand. If you open this service, you can learn more and also see where we have supply for this service.
Mount Hyjal Raid Carry - Selfplay Master Loot in WoW TBC

Mount Hyjal Raid Carry - Selfplay Master Loot

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This is not available on your chosen realm but you can buy anyways and create demand. If you open this service, you can learn more and also see where we have supply for this service.

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Hyjal Summit (also known as The Battle for Mount Hyjal) is a 25-player, 5-boss raid located in The Caverns of Time in Tanaris and is a part of the third tier of content available within Phase 3 of The Burning Crusade Classic. It is one of the 2 raids in phase 3 of TBC, together with the Black Temple raid.

On this page you can buy our Mount Hyjal raid services, in master loot.

The raid clear is available in Selfplay and Account sharing.
With this boost you will have the opportunity to defeat all 5 bosses and to get a chance for TIER 6 gear item drops (Tier 6 gloves and head tokens).



What are the benefits of buying a Mount Hyjal Raid Boost?

If you are tired of PuGs or simply can’t find someone to play with, this is the service for you. We will complete a Master Loot run in Mount Hyjal raid with account sharing,
or invite you to play with our team, allowing the guild to trade you loot.
This service guarantees you at least 2 items in Pilot and 3 items in Selfplay, in different slots, if the loot drops. The guilds choose which items to trade.
If nothing that your class can use drops, in the first run, the guild will take you again until you get one item.
Therefore, this service guarantees you loot, one way or another, increasing its value! 
Moreover, in the specific page of the Selfplay or Piloted Master loot clear, you can add some bonus gear items (on top of the guaranteed loot). If they don’t drop, you can get their cost refunded.

Why should I buy a Mount Hyjal Raid boost from you?

We’ve been in the boosting business since 2012. All of our team is actively playing the games we support.
We know how fast the online market runs and we are totally aware that customers need:

- a truthful and precise time of completion for their order
- a good price with high quality
- easy to use chat support for any doubts or questions, 24/7

- someone who will always be on their side and help them to feel safe and protected.

Your consumer rights are safe and respected through our Terms and Conditions. We want to deliver a good experience and not only a service. Our Trustpilot can show you how we work, so that you can shop with a peace of mind.

What happens after purchasing?

Once you place your Mount Hyjal Raid boost order you will have to join our “Contact Only” Discord server: “”. This will allow you to message our Discord support account, i.e. “BlazingBoost Classic#4507” for TBC, even without a friend request. However, if you still can’t find us, you can just send a friend request to that same discord. At that point, we will start looking for a booster and notify you when someone is ready to start. We will proceed with the service if you are okay with everything.
If you choose a
Piloted boost, our booster will be using a VPN or a program called ‘Safecarry’ (stronger specific VPN), according to your choice.
That program gives a higher protection but in general we want you to choose, as account sharing services carry inherent risks.

For Selfplay services instead, which we always recommend, we will get you in touch with your assigned team in a Discord group conference. Our discord support will be available for you the whole time too, for any additional questions, 24/7.

Is my account safe?

Yes, any raid service bought in Selfplay where you play with us and receive loot is 101% safe! However, if you really cannot play and need to receive an account sharing service, there can be a small risk. To lower this risk, we use the specific Safecarry VPN or any standard VPN (as per your choice).
We are happy to say that in 2021, especially since TBC, there have been zero problems. This shows that:

- our security methods are working
- there isn't a lot of attention on account sharing services right now

In general, we greatly suggest that you ALWAYS consider the Selfplay service first, since it eliminates virtually all the risk carried by Piloted services. Selfplay does require your personal involvement, so please do not feel afraid, ashamed or any kind of related emotion in terms of your own abilities. In case you have ANY kind of doubts, please inform us and we will find the most adequate approach for your order.

What is Realm Availability?

Before you check our prices and offers, you will need to make sure to pick your realm from our Realm Filter. Since any and all progress in TBC is completely realm locked, we are constantly expanding our roster of boosters, and trying to have as many realms covered on all the available servers. If the service is available on your realm, you will see the green check mark next to the service.

In case we have no boosters on your realm, you can always purchase the service to create a demand. In this case, it usually takes some weeks for us to develop a reliable booster base on your realm. If this timeframe is breached for whatever reason, you would be eligible for a 110% refund of the entire price of your order in Blazing Points.

Additionally, you can use an alt character or think about transferring your character to another covered realm and get boosted there. 

Lastly, we always encourage you to contact us on discord “BlazingBoost Classic#4507”, to check for boosters availability (in case we have a booster on your realm, but he forgot to update his status). Checking with us on discord is always a good option.

Even though it might take time, we can assure you that your service will be completed as soon as humanly possible, approached with the utmost care and proficiency. Never hesitate to reach out and ask for an update, as we will always be available for you.

How does The Mount Hyjal raid work?

Hyjal Summit has a unique system of 'trash' in the raid and instead of having to clear through the raid you will have to defeat waves of trash that will be attacking the Alliance and Horde base camps you will be defending for the majority of the instance. There are 8 waves between each boss which contain 12 to 14 mobs in each wave. After completing the sets of 8 waves the next boss will spawn. The trash throughout the instance has very few mechanics and is quite easy to deal with but it is important to make sure your raid has an appropriate amount of Mana at the end of each wave to ensure you will be able to deal with the next wave.

There are five bosses in Hyjal Summit that must be killed in a linear order.

The bosses are: Rage Winterchill, Anetheron, Kaz'rogal, Azgalor, Archimonde.

The first two you will fight at the Alliance camp and the next two at the Horde camp.

Archimonde has his own boss fight area located near the World Tree in the easternmost part of the instance.