Sunwell Plateau Raid Carry - Full Run Selfplay in WoW TBC

Sunwell Plateau Raid Carry - Full Run Selfplay

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This is not available on your chosen realm but you can buy anyways and create demand. If you open this service, you can learn more and also see where we have supply for this service.
Sunwell Plateau Raid Carry - Full Run Pilot in WoW TBC

Sunwell Plateau Raid Carry - Full Run Pilot

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This is not available on your chosen realm but you can buy anyways and create demand. If you open this service, you can learn more and also see where we have supply for this service.

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The Sunwell Plateau is a raid instance located on the Isle of Quel'Danas just north of the Silvermoon city.
This is the final raid in TBC Classic, and if you compare it to the previous raids difficulty wise, Sunwell Plateau is not going to be a walk in the park!
Sunwell Raid has 6 bosses in the following order: 

- Kalcegos (drops Tier 6 tokens for bracers)
- Brutallus (drops Tier 6 tokens for belt)
- Felmyst (drops Tier 6 tokens for boots)
- Eredar Twins 
- M'uru 
- Kil'Jaeden (drops the very best gear in the game including Thori'dal, the Stars Fury the legendary bow for Hunters!)


Why should I buy a Sunwell Plateau raid boost? Is this raid harder than the others?

The Sunwell Plateau raid is designed to be the hardest content available in TBC Classic. In terms of difficulty, this raid is tuned to be somewhere in the middle between the Heroic and Mythic raid difficulty that we all know and recognize from Retail WoW, which means that it will be quite a step up in difficulty compared to other TBC raids and will make it much less puggable.

Sunwell is also a source of the best gear in the game and is a must for anyone who wants to maximize their characters power. With our service you'll be among the first to clear the raid as well as recieve some of the best gear in the game, since our full Sunwell clear services come with a 3 Item Guarantee out of which at least one will be a Tier piece for you class and spec.

Why Blazingboost? Why should I choose your website?

We are all gamers and regularly play WoW TBC. Our main goal is to provide an unmatched customer experience in every game that we support. Blazingboost is present for more than 10 years in the gaming industry and we are proud to say that throughout the years we've managed to create a fun, inclusive and safe environment for all the players that work with us and the customers that choose us.

When purchasing on Blazingboost you can always expect the following:
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- Competitive prices without unrealistic promises
- Certified and tested boosters
- Consumer legal rights guaranteed

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What is the Realm Availability system?

Before you check our prices and offers, you will need to make sure to choose your realm from our Realm Filter (in the top left corner). The realm availability is very important because all progress in TBC is completely realm locked. We are constantly improving our team of boosters  to be able to cover as many realms as possible, on all available servers. If a raid service is available on your realm, you will see the green check mark next to the service!

However, if we do not have boosters on your realm, you can always purchase the service to create demand. We will organise a raid run for you on your realm as quickly as possible, but this can take some weeks. If we are not able to provide you with boosters in that timeframe for whatever reason, you would be eligible for a 110% refund of the entire price of your order in Blazing Points (website credit). 

There is one additional option that you could consider: you can use an alt character or transfer your main to a realm that we support with our guilds.

Finally, we always encourage our customers to contact us on discord “BlazingBoost Classic#4507”, and check for boosters availability (in case we have a player/team on your realm, but he/they forgot to update his/their status). Contacting us on Discord is always recommended, especially because we can reach boosters directly and give you the most recent updates!

Even though it might take time, we can assure you that your service will be completed as soon as possible, approached with great focus and proficiency. Every customer is important to us, and we will always try to find a solution for your specific case. That is why we encourage you to reach out and chat with our team, as we will be there for you and at your service.

Do I lose access to my account after purchasing?

Absolutely not! You can play whenever you want. if you purchase an Account Sharing service, we will only login when the raid is scheduled. For Selfplay services, we will never ask for your password so your account is always in your hands, fully accessible at all times.