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With the removal of Raid attunements, Blizzard decided to give us a reward for completing these major questlines. The questlines are very important to the story, but they have to be done on each character specifically which is a huge time sink. If you don't care about the story, if you've already done it on your main or if you just want one of the Titles, we are here for you as always!

- Serpentshrine Cavern & Tempest Keep: <Name>, Champion of the Naaru
- Mount Hyjal & Black Temple: <Name>, Hand of A'dal

We have a roster of boosters who completed these attunements dozens of time when they were necessary in order to access the aforementioned raids, and they are ready to take your order before Wrath of the Lich King hits and makes these titles unobtainable.


Who is going to boost me?

We will only use boosters who have already completed these Raid attunements in order to guarantee quality first hand. All of our boosters are tested extensively before they can get a real order, and they have to prove to us they are professional players. Our players do this full time as their main job and we make sure your account & order is handled carefully and with the upmost care!

Is it safe?

Unfortunately it is impossible to guarantee 100% safety with any account sharing order. We take every possible precaution including using Premium or our own Specific VPN software. We will ask you for your Country/City for VPN purposes to ensure the closest connection providing you with the lowest degree of risks. 

Is there a safer alternative?

We do have a safer alternative called "Order a Character". It's a system that delivers a brand new customized account with a custom character according to the options you select/add. You never lose access to your main account and if anything happens it is safe. The downside of this system in WoW Classic is the fact that you would have to pay for multiple subscriptions. There is a single moment of account sharing when you log into the account for the first time.

Why should I buy a title boost now?

These TBC titles are only going to be available until the WotLK launch, meaning you only have up to September(approximation) to obtain them. We can do it for you in the shortest amount of time possible. It is a huge grind as some of the quests in the 30+ part questlines take hours upon hours to complete with even more time spent flying in Outland.