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One of the first raids available in WOTLK, it has a very specific and fun mechanic that makes the raid harder!

The raid has 3 dragon minibosses which can be killed prior to the main boss, Sartharion.

If you choose to leave those dragons alive, you can increase the difficulty of the fight as well as the quality of the loot. Leaving all three dragons alive prior to the boss pull and killing Sartharion will grant you the title: "of the Nightfall" for the 10 player version and "Twilight Vanquisher" for the 25 player version.

In addition to better loot, your raid group will also get a single "Reins of the Black Drake" mount in the 10 player version, or a single "Reins of the Twilight Drake" mount in the 25 player version of the raid.

These titles as well as mounts are available through the extra options.